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Missing deadlines is painful. Learning new applications can be time-consuming. Successfully managing your projects is non-negotiable. If you’re using post-it-notes, paper planners, spreadsheets, notetaking apps, or just a Word document to manage your projects, you’re missing some important elements of effective project management strategies.

So, with the slimming and trimming of workforces and many job roles being augmented to include project management and project coordination, it might seem daunting if your toolset and experience are limited. But you use Outlook every day! Outlook has several features that can help you develop a plan, track tasks, and bring important projects in on time.

Whether your projects are yours alone or the work is shared with colleagues, Outlook can help you track who is doing what and how their progress is impacting others. Even if you are using other tools to manage large, complex projects, sometimes you just need something straightforward and easy to manage a task plan and deadlines without the overhead of using yet another application or resorting to something far less effective.

Why you should Attend

In this session, you will learn the great tools hiding in plain sight in Microsoft Outlook to help you manage projects. Most people are just using Outlook for email and calendaring, but did you know that Outlook has robust Task features that allow you to develop a project plan, establish start and due dates, assign work, and track progress?

  • We will cover the Task feature in detail including creating, editing, and assigning tasks
  • You'll learn how to employ categories and views to manage multiple projects at the same time
  • You'll see several ways to create re-usable project plans for projects that repeat such as annual reports, events, and onboarding

We will also demonstrate how Outlook can integrate with several other Microsoft applications to expand the capabilities and reach of your project plan, including:

  • How to use Excel to help you plan task start and due dates
  • Employing Excel as your reusable project plan repository
  • Sharing project artifacts and information through OneNote
  • Utilizing Teams libraries to link and share important project content

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Project management principles
  • Task plan creation best practices
  • Getting the start date/due date math right
  • Tracking progress
  • Using the tools in Outlook to set up and manage multiple projects

Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone who manages projects from single-person projects to team projects

Speaker Profile

Melissa Esquibel specializes in transforming those confused by technology into empowered users of their software tools. As a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) with more than 30 years in business application technology, Melissa has a unique ability to make learning programs enjoyable AND valuable. Melissa's consulting career spans banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, energy and insurance, which allows her to provide real-world examples and applications. She has enabled everyone from rocket scientists to real estate brokers to put the "productive" back in office productivity software. Melissa graduated summa cum laude from Strayer University with a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Legal Studies.