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In this workshop, we'll explore how team leads can more effectively run their team meetings and ensure that they can make effective team decisions, i.e. ones where both the soundness and the acceptance of the decision are strong. 

Topics covered include:

  • Role of conflict in team meetings
  • Framing the "right" question for discussion
  • What does good team interaction look like
  • Tools for more effective decision-making
  • How firms like IDEO make brainstorming work

Why you should Attend

We know that the most robust decisions come from teams vs. individuals. Simply because a team of people will more likely bring a fuller appreciation of the situation than any one individual. 

At the same time, teams can also make poor decisions based on how effectively they engage each other in productive or unproductive dialogue. This workshop shows teams and team leaders how to more effectively lead team decision-making so that the “team genius” is allowed to emerge.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • What does it mean in meetings to "go slow to go fast"?
  • Google's Project Aristotle team research findings
  • How space impacts team interaction
  • Principles for effective brainstorming

Who Will Benefit

  • Team leads

Speaker Profile

Rich McLaughlin Rich has been an observer and practitioner of innovation and employee engagement processes for over 20 years. He has over 13,000 hours designing and facilitating leadership and interpersonal skills workshops, and innovation explorations with teams to help them jump start their change and innovation efforts.

He has helped teams as small as 8 and departments as large as 100 learn how to blend external developments (to understand where customer needs are moving) with internal employee engagement processes (to show how to stimulate internal experiments and capitalize on those opportunities). Rich also enjoys helping leaders grow by focusing more on people skills and less on technical ones. He brings an experiential approach in his work with client teams. His client’s value the engaging way he works with their people whether facilitating a leadership workshop, working with a specific team, or challenging employees to be more accountable for the whole.

Rich spent time learning about instructional design and change management at Accenture, helped Square D Company develop and implement their TQM programs and processes and developed the leadership curriculum and internal consulting practice at Baxter Healthcare during his time as an internal OD practitioner. The last 8 years of his practice he has been following the intersection of Innovation and Design Thinking.

Rich received his M.A. in Training and Development for Business from Ohio State University, and has been consulting faculty for the University of Notre Dame’s College of Business since 2000. He is author of, Rules of Engagement: A Story About How Leaders Can More Effectively Engage Employees. And he co-authored Tapping Team Intelligence: Exercises that connect team members, engage their creativity and foster collaboration.