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Does your company have a written payroll procedure manual?  Perhaps you have a vendor-supplied manual. 

Does it cover all issues, or only the system-driven ones?  What about payroll policy as it involves your company? Make sure that you are ready for all contingencies by keeping your procedure manual up-to-date. Every payroll team or one-person "team" needs a reference for payroll answers. Is there a precedent for the issue you face? If so, how was it handled before?  Beginning with existing documentation - or determining that it doesn't exist-will help you to begin the process. 

Whether you use a vendor-based system, an internal company system or manage the payroll manually, documentation is essential to ensure that all payroll employees and management can understand the process. If a payroll person is out, a replacement needs to understand how to process in that person's absence. 

Written references are crucial in keeping payroll processes timely and accurate.

Why you should Attend

How do you avoid problems with your payroll process? One way is to ensure that your payroll team understands the process and all the steps needed to successfully complete each payroll cycle. 

Written procedures are a big step in accomplishing that goal. In this webinar tips for creating process documents will be given, as well as ideas for defining the scope of your document. 

Have you identified the existing documentation, or is there none? Research on company policy, procedure and the applicable laws will be needed in order to create an appropriate procedure document.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Defining the scope of your document
  • Identifying the reach of existing documentation
  • Determining the style of the new document
  • Analyzing your procedures
  • Outlining what will be included
  • Gathering your references

Who Will Benefit

  • Payroll and HR Team Leads
  • Internal Auditors who Oversee Payroll Process

Speaker Profile

Merle Capello is an experienced CPP (Certified Payroll Professional) who can manage, train and elevate team members, enhancing their skills so that they can be leveraged to benefit clients. Merle is a professional who works to improve processes, by additional knowledge and conforming to rules of compliance. She is also an experienced procedure and policy developer who works to leave a better team behind than the one she finds. Merle is a subject matter expert on compliance, payroll taxes, work rules and payroll best practices. Merle offers consulting services for those who need a professional's advice and counsel. In her more than 25 years of experience spearheading the development, enhancement, and transfer of payroll and HRIS operations, Merle has learned to provide team members with the guidance and motivation to exceed objectives.

Merle enjoys the challenge of implementation and organizational change, using her analytical skills and her knowledge base to make the most prudent decisions for the team and for her clients. Merle can easily adapt to either running a department or advising a client on how best to run their department. She can write step-by-step directions for processes, if needed, or coach a team member to do so.

Merle is also a longtime member of her professional organization, the American Payroll Association. She has maintained her Certification for over 25 years