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This webinar discusses the world of virtual networks.Focused on the risks associated with both private and public VPN’s, participants will be able to better prepare for the new normal of work from home or remote access work flows.

While focused on risks of public networks, this webinar also helps those working with private networks ensure that their networks are safe and secure.  Through the understanding of terminology, application and usage, we gain a comfort level of our own abilities in the use of VPN’s. This is important because there are many opportunities for public networks to entice us. Without a basic understanding of the good, the bad, and the ugly of VPN’s we may fall victim to a malicious VPN and ultimately face difficult problems that can be totally avoidable.

For anyone who is curious about or simply wants to confirm that they are using a VPN that is safe and secure this is a webinar for you.

Why you should Attend

The advent of technology coupled with working from home has long been a viable option for companies. Now because of the Coronavirus Pandemic working from home, for many people, has become the necessity rather than the luxury. Connection to work systems and data put many companies at risk.

What exactly are those risks and how do we ensure that what we do is protecting data and privacy as much as possible.This webinar focuses on risks associated with VPN as well as highlights controls we should have in place that will limit risk exposure.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • What are the seven most dangerous VPN Risks?
  • What are "Logging" risks?
  • Is Privacy Policy a Control?
  • Can we control "Leaks"?
  • What is the impact and detection of Malware on VPN Networks?
  • How does your IP address protect or open you up from/to attack?

Who Will Benefit

  • Auditors
  • Risk Managers
  • Remote Workers
  • Work at Home staff
  • Members of the Board of Directors

Speaker Profile

Daniel A Clark has over 25 years of experience in Financial Services from regional banks to global giants like Citigroup and GE Capital. His early career roles included: sales, credit risk management and operations. For the last 18 years he has been fully focused on Risk Management and Internal Audit.

His experience as Chief Auditor in two regional banks and as a senior officer in Audit and Risk Review for Latin America provides unique insight into management practices in and outside of the United States. He is also a recognized expert on GRC, a Public Speaker and Blogger and has written a book; Dare to Be Different: An Auditors Personal Guide to Excellence: that has been well received by the audit community.