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So many people feel overwhelmed by their work and life circumstances. They work too many hours and end up stressed, burnt out, and resentful. The solution is time management mastery, where you are in control of your time, not other people, or circumstances. In this fast-moving program, Don Phin will share insights and very usable techniques to help you master your time!

It seems as if everyone is running 75 miles per hour today. Even if they are working from home! Most management-level employees aren’t constricted to working 40 hours per week and often find themselves working 60 hours or more. This can only lead to burnout and resentment.

Why you should Attend

As Elon Musk said, "The most important decision I’ve had to make is what to do with my time". Time is all we’ve got and that’s why this program is so valuable to you!

Areas Covered in the Session

Don Phin has studied and taught about time management for more than 20 years. He’s written books about time and time management. In his program, Don will share insights that have helped him and his clients to be far more effective and productive in less time. The result is life balance and job satisfaction.

  • A quick history of the time
  • Knowing where your time goes
  • Managing your calendar
  • Managing those "gotta minutes"
  • The Covey Time Quadrant
  • Stay Focused
  • Learning how to not overcommit yourself
  • Stop doing something
  • Protect your free time!

All attendees receive a PDF of the book Mastering Time Management,  Prioritization Summary Form, and other time tracking tools

Who Will Benefit

  • HR
  • Recruiting
  • Managers
  • Leaders

Speaker Profile

Don Phin has been a California employment practices attorney since 1983. He litigated employment and business cases for 17 years and quit once he figured out that nobody wins a lawsuit. Since leaving litigation, he has written numerous books and presented more than 500 times to executives nationwide. He loves talking about emotional intelligence and creating engaging workplaces!

Don was the founder and President of HR That Works, used by 3,500 companies and acquired by ThinkHR in January of 2014. He worked there for two years as a V.P.

Now in his "wisdom-sharing years," Don loves advising and coaching executives. He continues to inspire with his speaking and training.