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This Webinar will outline several steps, cautions, concerns for operating in an accounting virtual environment

  • Establish the Vision & Reality:
    • Outline how all existing efforts must be continued
    • Explain the realities of working f rom home due to our current shutdown condition
    • Get buy in from everyone to make it work
  • Organize Finance & Accounting Organization into Functional Cells of Activity
    • This may be congruent with the current organizational structure
    • May be impacted by the reality of resources working remotely
    • Math people to the remote cells of aftivity
    • Adjustments may be required based on the personnel and their level of empowerment
  • Create an Overall Virtual Operating Plan
    • Quarterly plan or schedule and deliverables for ach remote operating activity
    • Monthly Plan of schedule & deliverables for each remote operating activity
    • Weekly plan of schedule and deliverables for eah remote operating activity
  • Establish points of Input and Coordination with other Agencies & Activities
    • Personnel Administration & Control
    • Rules for working remotely in virtual environment
    • Adherence to schedule & calendar
    • Coordination among other remote activity cells
    • Delegation & discipline

Why you should Attend

This raises many questions, issues and concerns as to how they maintain efficiency of functions & operations with most of their employees essentially "working from home".

Deadlines must be met in finance & accounting, financial stakeholders must be able to access relevant financial information to ensure the company’s goals & objectives are continually met even though all activity is being done ia a virtual environment and personal working off site.

This is a good test for delegation. Organizations and Managers that have previously empowered employees will find this transition easier.  Others that have not do so will find operating in a virtual environment a challenge that must be overcome

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Remote Closing:
    • Accounts Payable
    • Accounts Receivable
    • General Accounting & Reporting
    • Payroll
    • Inventory
    • Task and assigned personnel
    • Platforms that fit customer needs
      • Information
      • Coordination
      • Reporting
      • Data Storage
  • Rules for working remotely in virtual environment
  • Adherence to schedule & calendar
  • Coordination among other remote activity cells
  • Delegation & Discipline

Who Will Benefit

  • All business professionals involved in monthly and quarterly closing activity

Speaker Profile

Carl Young is an Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, and Coach. He holds a MBA and completed graduate studies in Accounting and Taxation. He is a former CFO of a 275M, high growth technology based company. He has over 25 years of senior level business management experience. In addition, he has over 25 years of training experience in finance, accounting and business management. Former CEO of his own small parts manufacturing company as well as former Senior Financial Associate of major consulting firm.

Carl is a member of the following organizations: American Society of Corporate Controllers, Council of Experts (investment firm Gersen & Lehrman), Society of Industry Leaders (sponsored by Standard & Poors), and the National Association of Accountants.

An engaging and entertaining speaker and trainer who draws from his experience as a former CFO to make relevant teaching points. Sessions are rich in content, lively, full of energy and include plenty of audience interaction. He has branded himself as Mr. Simplicity! His goal is to make finance and accounting relevant to non-financial professionals using tools and techniques that are simple to understand and apply.