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In this webinar, we will examine the building blocks of effective writing. The primary reason why so little that is written gets the results intended is because it is written from the writer’s point of view. A point of view is a narrow focus, a singular perspective. 

When things are written strictly from a point of view, results are achieved only when another reader shares that very narrow perspective.  A viewing point involves a wider, more panoramic perspective of all of the potential readers of a piece of writing.  By taking a broader view, a writer is able to achieve results with the total audience of readers.

The webinar will show how to focus on the audience when we write. The key phases of the wring process will illustrated. The webinar will show how to organize your thoughts around the readers before you write. It will cover the importance of using an organizational structure that makes the document visually appealing to the reader, while directing them to important information.  The webinar will show the importance of clarity and conciseness of thought and expression.


Why you should Attend

This webinar is for all individuals who desire to improve their business writing skills. Many people fail to achieve their purpose when they write. They often write from their own point of few instead of the viewpoint of the reader.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Discover the Building Blocks of Writing to Achieve Results
  • Learn a method for thinking critically, organizing logically, and prioritizing strategically
  • Learn how to use a wide range of graphic tools that help make organizational structures transparent to the reader
  • Learn the importance of clarity & conciseness

Who Will Benefit

  • People who desire to improve their business writing skills

Speaker Profile

William (Bill) Woodington is president of Woodington Training Solutions, LLC, offering audit, business writing and leadership seminars. Bill has more than 30 years of internal audit experience. He spent 18 years managing the Learning & Development (L&D) function for Wells Fargo Audit & Security.