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The goal of this program is to give participants deep insight into the nuances of the negotiation process and equip them with skills to be effective. The focus is also on the importance of various interpersonal skills such as communications, conflict management and emotional intelligence. Participants are provided the opportunity to customize the process to meet the demands of their individual negotiating situations.

Why you should Attend

We negotiate all the time, nearly every day. Negotiating is a fundamental part of our lives and a skill we need to develop a conscious awareness of.

Failure to develop such a process automatically puts you at a competitive disadvantage. In business, negotiating effectively is essential and relies just as much on emotional intelligence, masterful communications skills, and a little bit of neuroscience.

While most negotiating strategies seem pretty simple to execute, it's easy for emotion, lack of self-awareness, and overestimating the strength one's position to overrule the power of that common sense. 

Grasping these key elements unleashes the ability to achieve the best outcome for all parties involved.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Understanding the common issues, variables, and sequences of negotiation situations
  • Developing good communications strategies to manage towards the desired results
  • Exploring a process to analyze the most effective approach to accomplishing your objectives
  • Understanding the use of principles of neuroscience to better understand the interpersonal dynamics often at work
  • Utilizing problem solving and decision making skills to address conflict situations

Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone who is engaged in negotiations of any kind

Speaker Profile

LeRoy Thompson is Managing Director Of Thompson & Associates. He is a Certified Virtual Presenter with expertise in the development and delivery of training programs on more than twenty distinct topics. He has worked with over 150 client organizations and trained over 47,000 participants over the course of his career.

His training programs, work sessions, conference presentations, and keynote speeches all receive rave reviews. He is a dynamic instructor, energetic facilitator, and insightful consultant. His delivery balances his depth of knowledge with an appropriate mix of warmth and humor.

LeRoy's work in the public sector has included training and organizational development projects for the U.S. departments of Education, Environmental Protection, Defense, Interior, Commerce, Treasury, Health And Human Services, Energy, Agriculture, Justice, NASA, the Michigan Department of Community Health, Mississippi Department of Mental Health, Ohio Department Of Public Welfare, Governor’s Office of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Riverside County (CA), Fairfax County (VA), and Sarasota County (FL). Private sector and not-for-profit organizations include Citigroup, BMW, Gannett, Corning Inc., Motorola, Lockheed Martin, Sallie Mae, Boys & Girls Clubs, United Way of America, and the American Press Institute.

Prior to founding Thompson & Associates, he was an Associate with McKinsey & Company in their Washington, DC office. He has been a Practice Leader with Kepner-Tregoe in the Worldwide Strategy practice as well as a Senior Consultant with Booz, Allen and Hamilton, specializing in change management projects with Federal agencies.

LeRoy was educated at Harvard University where he received a bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature and Language, and a master’s degree in Finance and International Business from Columbia University School of Business. His AMA-By-Satellite television broadcast of “Written Skills for Business Communications” received the ‘Best of Business Television’ Award. His book, “Mastering the Challenges of Change” received a Newberry Book Club award. His article “E Commerce-Changing the Rules of Strategy Implementation” was published by Strategy and Leadership magazine.