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Whether you are small company or an international organization, when you engage with a new supplier – you are on-boarding them.  Supplier on-boarding is a method, formal or informal, to connect with the supplier.  It is an opportunity for communication, clarification, and most importantly - relationship building.

Connecting with a supplier in those early stages of the relationship can provide dividends throughout the relationship.  From providing functional contacts to reviewing the terms and conditions of your purchase order or contracts, so much can be accomplished in this on-boarding process.  

The supplier on-barding process need not be complicated or necessarily apply to all suppliers in the same form and format.

This webinar will review supplier on-boarding as a process and the topics and functions that could be involved.  In addition, we will review some methods to determine which type of suppliers need a formal on-boarding and which may not, and why not.  Finally, we will review the benefits of developing and implementing a supplier on-boarding process.

Why you should Attend

Engaging a supplier is more than awarding them a purchase order.  There are systems and contacts important to both you and the supplier to ensure a positive relationship.

Each time you engage a new supplier, you are performing a form of on-boarding.  This can set the tone for your relationship with the supplier moving forward. 

Have you noticed some suppliers have a lot of questions or requests for clarifications after they receive a purchase order?
Have you struggled to find the right contact within a supplier to discuss an opportunity or issue?  

Implementing a defined supplier on-boarding process can reduce and even prevent those headaches on both sides of the conversation. 

Areas Covered in the Session

  • What is supplier on-boarding
  • Why define a supplier on-boarding process
  • What benefits can be gained from formalizing a supplier on-boarding process

Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone engaging and interacting with suppliers: Supplier Quality Engineer
  • Supplier Quality Manager
  • Purchasing Agent/Buyer
  • Commodity Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Quality Manager, etc.

Speaker Profile

Daniella Picciotti has over 25 years of experience in Supplier Quality Management across an array of industries include aerospace, medical device, and nuclear energy. Currently, Daniella is the principle at QMS Alliance (a quality management systems consultant), is a certified lead ISO9001 auditor, and an instructor for the American Society of Quality (ASQ) providing instruction on supplier life cycle management, supplier risk management and supplier audits. She holds three ASQ certifications: Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence and Certified Supplier Quality Professional.