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Your first 90 days as a leader are exciting and confusing times. As with other changes it requires learning and adaptation. You are somehow dating your new team. You must slowly learn about your team and gain their trust, and your team needs to understand your style and expectations.

Most companies and bosses understand that there is a learning curve and they cut the new manager some slack at the beginning.

But improvising your first 90 days can lead to disastrous consequences: creating conflict with your team, breaking the trust, missing expectations and targets, being manipulated by your team members or other managers… failing your trial period.

Your first 90 days are about building trust. And to build trust you first need to establish connections and mutual respect.
In this webinar we will look at steps on how to connect with your team stakeholders. How to get the best of these connections to learn quickly about the processes, challenges, projects, expectations of your team and boss.

How to avoid frequent traps created by ourselves and other stakeholders. How to understand politics and influences and use them effectively.

We will discuss understanding your boss and his expectations to avoid being taken by surprise or wasting your time on urgent things rather than important ones.

We will speak about balancing patience and humility with quick wins.

Overall, this webinar is about having a plan that would help you be effective as soon as possible.

Why you should Attend

Congrats! You just got promoted!

Tomorrow you will be in charge or 2, 3, 4 people… maybe you already know them, maybe they are totally new.

Maybe some of them wanted your job and they are waiting for your first mistake.

Maybe they are older and more experienced than you, and you feel like an impostor.

Maybe they are experts in their field, and you have no clue on how to connect with them and potentially help them.

Maybe you have a new boss, or you are starting in a new department or a new company.

You worry that your new boss won’t trust you, or that your new team won’t respect you.

You have mixed feelings: excitement for the new opportunities, confusion, and worries about how to start and what to do.

In simple words you are lost and alone in face of that new challenge.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Connecting
  • Learning
  • Expectations
  • Timeline
  • Quick wins
  • Who moved my couch?
  • Strategies

Who Will Benefit

  • Supervisors
  • Team lead, and Managers in Finance
  • IT
  • Admin, and office-based Departments

Speaker Profile

Remi Vogel is an executive in finance. He has been working for more than 25 years around the world, growing professionals into managers,

He has worked with small teams of two people to big teams of 30 peoples, leading through several layers of management.

He has been leading multifunctional teams in finance and administration working in multiple industries, cultures and countries in Europe, Africa, and America.

More recently, he started to mentor and coach managers outside his organization in an effort to help mangers become better leaders.