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Does the thought of networking make you cringe? You wonder how to talk to people, when you know absolutely nothing about them!

If you want to acquire clients or referrals or in some cases, advance your career, meeting new people is an imperative. That can make you feel like you’re trapped between a rock hard place! You don’t want to come across as a walking product (or service) pitch, but you don’t know what else to talk about! You just weren’t born with the gift of gab.

The good news is you don't need the gift of gab. Making conversation is something you can learn. In this webinar you will discover easy, practical techniques, you can use to have comfortable conversations with clients, yet-to-be clients, and colleagues - people who can be instrumental in moving you towards your goals.

You will learn tips for boosting your conversation confidence and techniques that encourage others to talk - lightening the conversation load for you. You'll learn conversation fundamentals and move on to uncover simple techniques that will help you to stand out from the competitive pack. You will be able to transition from small talk to meaningful conversations that builds relationships.

Making conversation with professionals you have yet to know may not ever rise to your list of “Favorites” However you will be able to make these conversations less stressful, more enjoyable and a rewarding investment of your time.

Why you should Attend

This webinar is for you if you know you need to network, i.e. meet and greet people, to increase business but cringe at the thought of it.  You know they don’t want a sales pitch! What do you say to someone you know nothing about?

Do you worry you will.
Walk up to someone and then have nothing to say.
Come off as stilted.
Bring up a topic and receive no response-then what?
Unintentionally offend someone.
Bore people.
Become bored .
Wind  up standing alone at a networking  with no options.
Make some faux pas such as forgetting a name and want to  crawl away.
Run out of conversation and look inept.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Ideas for reducing anxiety before entering a networking meeting
  • Preparation tips: arrows to put in your conversation quiver
  • Listening techniques that will help prevent you from  running out of topics
  • Topics for launching a conversation
  • Strategies for maintaining  a conversation
  • A way to wrap up a conversation that makes you memorable
  • Solutions to implement when you find yourself standing alone at a networking meeting
  • Strategy for breaking into a group
  • Strategies for holding  preventing - your's and other's
  • Verbiage that will make you come off a as poised  pro when introducing others
  • Solutions to common quandaries such as forgetting a name, running out conversations on a topic;  realizing you may have offended someone, and responding to criticism

Who Will Benefit

  • Business Owners
  • Sales Associates
  • Sales Managers
  • Customer-Service Representatives
  • HR Managers
  • Independent Consultants
  • Real-Estate Professionals
  • STEM Professionals
  • Law Professionals
  • University Career-Services Directors

Speaker Profile

Janet Parnes equips professionals with skills that turn conversations into valuable connections and clients.

A graduate of The Protocol School of Washington®, she brings 15 years of experience working with clients from a range of industries including higher education, real estate, STEM, law, and architecture.

Janet’s background in sales and public relations combined with her speaker training, positions her to create a paradigm shift in the way we create meaningful professional connections.

Janet formed her company Janet .L. Parnes, Etiquette Consultant in response to a growing need: we can contact people just about anywhere, anytime-yet, we’re losing the art of making connections. This is costing us, for connections are critical in achieving our career goals.

As a professional storyteller, Janet entertains and educates audiences with tales of missteps, misspeaks, and misunderstandings - some of them her own!