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If you are involved in the recruiting, interviewing, or hiring process of your company, you are not judged on the number of people you refer who are hired, you are judged on whether candidates you recruited, interviewed, and hired become an asset to the company or end up as another costly turnover statistic.  Do the candidates you present become engaged and happy or disgruntled and quit?  
If you are experiencing ghosting, offer turndowns, counteroffers accepted, offer turndowns, no starts, or candidates quitting shortly after starting, you must interview, communicate, and implement different processes when interacting with your candidates.  You will learn what changes you need to implement in this training.

Millennials and Gen Z represent the majority in the workforce.  Their priorities, habits, demands, and focus on flexibility is different than the generations before them.  However, when you implement what is taught in this training, you will learn what you can do to dramatically reduce the occurrences of common problems.

Counteroffers that are accepted have dramatically increased in this candidate-driven job market.  If you’ve had a counteroffer accepted, don’t point your finger at the candidate.  There were things you should have done throughout the interviewing and hiring process to prevent this.  You will learn four specific solutions to resolve the problem of counteroffers.

Ghosting or no shows have also become common, both with your interview and with interviews set up with individuals involved in your Interview and Hiring Process.  Rather than focus on why this happens, you will learn four solutions to all but eliminate ghosting and no shows.

Next, we will address the dreaded call, “Where is your candidate” on their scheduled start date.  No starts are on the rise and during this training you will learn four solutions to alleviate this problem.

What about offer turndowns?  Have you ever known you have the perfect job offer for a candidate, only to have them turn it down.  Again, like other problem areas, there were things you could have done to give yourself a much higher percentage of offers extended to acceptance.  

You will also learn where most recruiters and talent acquisition professional normally drop the ball which is the lack of follow up after a new hire starts their job.  Candidates must know you care enough about them to have their back if they encounter issues.  The follow up process you will learn will help you solve minor problems before they become major issues which result in costly turnover.

Lastly, you will learn the importance of follow-up and nurturing your Hiring Managers after a hire. This process will position you as a partner and you will also learn how to elevate the relationship you have with your various Hiring Managers.

If you are experiencing any of these problem areas, this training was created to provide you with easy to implement solutions that are all game changers!  Imagine the impact on the success you will achieve, if withing the next six months you all but eliminate these problem areas.

Why you should Attend

The competition for top talent continues to be a challenge and as a result problem areas are on the rise.  So many candidates are ghosting interviews, turning down offers, accepting counteroffers, or become a costly turnover statistic shortly after being hired.  Employee engagement is extremely low which also must be addressed if it is your goal to hire the best, but just as important engage and retain the talent you hire.   

How many counteroffers have your candidates accepted in the past twelve months?  Too often the finger is pointed at Millennials, blaming them for any problem that occurs.   If you’ve had more than one counteroffer accepted, it’s not the candidate’s fault, you are missing critical information during your interview.  It’s not enough to just know why counteroffers are accepted, you need to learn how to dramatically reduce them.

Have you had candidates no show interviews with you or your Hiring Managers?  Again, you can’t blame the candidate.  They would have shown up if they understood the benefit to them.  Simple things like re-asking key questions can all but eliminate no shows.
Have you had a candidate start a job and leave shortly after starting.  Again, this training will provide you with actions you can implement to be better informed on what it takes to surface candidates who become engaged and retained.

If you are experiencing any of these problem areas, this course was created to provide you with easy to implement solutions that will become game changers!

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Solutions for the increase in counteroffers accepted
  • Solutions for ghosting
  • Solutions for not showing up on their start date
  • Solutions for offer turndowns
  • Solutions for quitting shortly after starting
  • Follow up and nurture process for new hires
  • Follow up and nurture process for hiring managers

Who Will Benefit

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Hiring Managers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Talent Acquisition Professionals
  • Individuals in the Staffing and Recruiting Profession

Speaker Profile

Barbara J. Bruno is recognized internationally as one of the top experts in the Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Professions. She is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur who is known for her comprehensive training which shares ideas that are easy to implement. Her mission is to help others achieve greater success.

Kogan Page Publishing of London released her award-winning book “High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting” in 2020. Barb has developed a private labeled Career Portal to help 100% of the candidates that companies attract to improve the candidate experience.

Barb was selected by LinkedIn Learning to create 17 Recruiting Courses, which have had over 2 million participants worldwide, many of which have been translated into several languages for worldwide distribution. In September 2022, Barb released a new Learning Management System (Top Producer Tutor) with video, audio, and written tutors. Her Tutor clients have experienced improved sourcing, recruiting, engagement, and retention of top talent. She prides herself on teaching techniques that help fill open requisitions faster, and with the best talent.

Barb was the Chairman of the Board for NAPS, (National Association of Personnel Consultants) President for the Indiana, and Illinois State Employment Associations, has received numerous awards including the Lincoln, Ancil T. Brown, Woman of Achievement, and Harold B. Nelson Awards. She was also inducted into the NAPS Hall of Fame. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Women Business Collaborative, Chairs the Staffing Workstream and donates her time and resources to many philanthropic endeavors.