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When you are involved in hiring someone, you want to identify, recruit, interview, and hire better talent than your competitors. Most people continue to post their jobs on job boards and on the employment pages of their websites. I refer to this as "posting and praying." There is a tremendous shortage of top talent which is why those methods are no longer effective and only attract 15% of the workforce.

This course will teach you how to recruit the best talent for your open jobs, not just the best candidate who answers an ad or posting.  Often the best talent is candidates who are employed, successful, and not conducting an active job search. They also represent 85% of the workforce which will give you access to a larger talent pool. When you learn how to recruit passive candidates, you will fill your open jobs with the best talent who also are the most likely to become engaged and retained employees.

This course also points out things you must keep in mind when you begin to recruit passive talent which include:

First - You can't assume that what a person is currently doing, is what they want to do in their next job. You will learn how to determine each candidate's priorities.

Second - These candidates did not apply for your opportunity, so you will learn what questions to ask to reveal their real reason for considering a career move raise.

Third - You are initially a stranger the candidates don’t know or trust. You will learn how to establish rapport and trust.

Fourth - This course will teach you how to identify other motivators that affect a person's willingness to change jobs.

Preparation is key to becoming successful at recruiting passive candidates. If you have never recruited a passive candidate, this step-by-step process will set you up to be successful in a relatively short timeframe.  

Next, you will learn how to make effective recruiting presentations utilizing the scripts that are included in this course.  You will be taught voice mail scripts that are returned and lastly, you will learn how to effectively overcome objections.  

Why you should Attend

There is a tremendous shortage of top talent.  When a job is not filled it can prevent a company from hitting goals and objectives and/or cost them money.

Every year companies spend over $2.5 Billion on job board ads. The issue is that job board ads and website postings only attract 15% of the workforce. They attract individuals who are conducting an active job search. If you are only "posting and praying" you end up hiring the best person who applies for your job vs. the best and most qualified candidate. 

Often the best talent is passive candidates. These candidates are currently working, successful, and doing a great job for someone else. Passive candidates represent 85% of the workforce and are not responding to job board ads or website job postings.

Job engagement is low, and most people don’t intend to retire from their current place of employment. Most surveys list employee engagement and retention as one of their greatest challenges. That proves that passive candidates would consider a new opportunity if one was presented to them. Most people keep their eyes and ears open even though they are not conducting an active job search. 

Passive candidates want to increase their marketability as they continue to advance. If you can offer an opportunity, that represents their next career move, you will attract this top talent.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Objectives of Recruiting Passive Candidates
  • Six Steps to Prepare for your Recruiting Presentations
  • Recruiting Presentation Scripts with Sample Responses
  • Five Basic Rules when Recruiting
  • Voicemail Script that Results in Responses
  • Four Categories of Candidate Objections
  • Seven Most Common Objections with Sample Responses
  • Action Items

Who Will Benefit

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Hiring Managers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Talent Acquisition Professionals
  • Hiring Managers

Speaker Profile

Barbara J. Bruno is recognized internationally as one of the top experts in the Recruiting and Talent Acquisition Professions. She is a speaker, author, and entrepreneur who is known for her comprehensive training which shares ideas that are easy to implement. Her mission is to help others achieve greater success.

Kogan Page Publishing of London released her award-winning book “High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting” in 2020. Barb has developed a private labeled Career Portal to help 100% of the candidates that companies attract to improve the candidate experience.

Barb was selected by LinkedIn Learning to create 17 Recruiting Courses, which have had over 2 million participants worldwide, many of which have been translated into several languages for worldwide distribution. In September 2022, Barb released a new Learning Management System (Top Producer Tutor) with video, audio, and written tutors. Her Tutor clients have experienced improved sourcing, recruiting, engagement, and retention of top talent. She prides herself on teaching techniques that help fill open requisitions faster, and with the best talent.

Barb was the Chairman of the Board for NAPS, (National Association of Personnel Consultants) President for the Indiana, and Illinois State Employment Associations, has received numerous awards including the Lincoln, Ancil T. Brown, Woman of Achievement, and Harold B. Nelson Awards. She was also inducted into the NAPS Hall of Fame. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Women Business Collaborative, Chairs the Staffing Workstream and donates her time and resources to many philanthropic endeavors.