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Are you feeling it? We are moving into the next phase of our toughest world-wide challenge ever, concern now for psychosocial wellbeing. And not only for residents but for dedicated team members and hurting families too.

Tending to wellbeing is not only a good idea but also required by CMS. CMS guides that "individualized approaches" should be "directed toward understanding, preventing, relieving, and/or accommodating" a resident. Perfect for this time and for each of us.

Let's flip this thing. Let's be for each other, not against. We are in this together and proactively can come out the heroes, thriving, not just surviving. Pave the way for the future where individualized, resident-directed living, preferences known, choices honored, meaningful engagement, a caring community culture and positive relations is the norm and has replaced institutional living and working. Join us as we think of ways to come out even better than before!

Why you should Attend

Phase 2 of the pandemic is the negative effect on psychosocial wellbeing. Be proactive. Care for the psychosocial needs of both those you serve and your teammates.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • What is psychosocial wellbeing
  • Individualized approaches for understanding, preventing, relieving, and accommodating an individual
  • Embrace certain practices now to create an even better future

Who Will Benefit

  • All Professionals

Speaker Profile

Carmen Bowman is a consultant, trainer, author and owner of Edu-Catering: Catering Education for Compliance and Culture Change turning her former role of regulator into educator. Carmen was a Colorado state surveyor for nine years, a policy analyst with CMS Central Office where she taught the national Basic Surveyor Course and was the first certified activity professional to be a surveyor. As a contractor to CMS, Carmen co-developed the Artifacts of Culture Change measurement tool, authored the background papers for and facilitated both Creating Home national symposiums.

She facilitated the Pioneer Network (PN) Task Forces that developed the new Dining Practice Standards and subsequent Toolkit. Carmen serves on the PN Policy Committee which meets quarterly with CMS Division of Nursing homes. She has a Master's degree in Healthcare Systems, a Bachelor's in Social Work and German, is a Certified Eden Associate and Eden Mentor, Certified Validation Worker, Group Practitioner and Presenter. Carmen co-founded the Colorado Culture Change Coalition, and with Action Pact has authored eight culture change workbooks plus hosts a monthly web culture change talk show called Conversations with Carmen. Carmen is passionate about teaching people how to “be your own surveyor” and how culture change practices are the answer to both compliance and QAPI.