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An impromptu speech is common. In business, at school, or at social and other public events, you are often unexpectedly called on to “make a few marks” or brief remarks about a specific topic. The ability to speak well on short notice is a useful skill.

Impromptu speaking challenges a speaker to develop an organized speech in a limited time.  However, the thought of public speaking intimidates many people. This fear is often diminished when there is time to prepare and practice before getting up in front of an audience.  What happens, though, when there is no time to prepare and you are asked to speak without notice?  This can make the most confident presenters very nervous.

In this webinar you will learn tactics for thinking under pressure, and practice strategies to develop a polished speech brilliantly and confidently within minutes.  

From Concept to Action you will have an opportunity if you choose to practice a short impromptu speech in small groups, followed by review and feedback.

Why you should Attend

Becoming skilled at impromptu speaking can give you the self-confidence to give an impactful last-minute presentation.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Develop confidence learning how to formulate your thoughts quickly for public speaking
  • Deliver an impactful, structured speech on the spot
  • Structure your thoughts and your speech easily and quickly
  • Anticipate situations during which you may be asked to speak
  • Utilize tactics for thinking quickly in public speaking situation
  • Prepare a speech with short notice using an impromptu speech template
  • Develop impromptu speaking skills so you are ready to easily and comfortably speak on the spot at any event and circumstance

Who Will Benefit

  • This course can benefit anyone who would like to feel more confident when giving a speech, either live, in person, or via the internet, or as a recording.

Speaker Profile

Lisa Kleiman , Ed. Specialist., M.S. Communication, B.S. Marketing/Management Lisa is author of "You Got This: Everything You Need to Master Authentic Public Speaking" (2019) River Grove Books, and is principal and Coach at Speaktopia, and is a University Lecturer of undergraduate and graduate business and managerial communication courses.

Lisa has worked with executives, business leaders, employees, and university students to improve their communication skills, helping them experience the joy and power of communicating with clarity and confidence.