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ADA is the Americans with Disabilities Act. As of 2010, this U.S. Federal Law was applied to all electronic documents. Any public business or governmental institution is required to have ADA compliant public documents. This course will teach you how to format MS Word documents for ADA Accessible compliance requirements.

This training course focuses on applying the technical formats to your MS Word documents. You do not have to be an expert in ADA law to take this course.

No matter your user level, take the time to attend and learn something new that can save your company from risk of liability, and bring your documents into compliance with ADA law.

Why you should Attend

Your company is in jeopardy of lawsuits by unscrupulous attorneys who find a blind person to sign as a plaintiff in order to rake in thousands of dollars if your electronic documents are not screen-reader friendly.

Unfortunately, the law was put in place in 2010 so you must be in compliance now or risk a lawsuit.

This course teaches how to update your documents for ADA Accessibility with the updated tools is MS Word and could potentially ward off an unnecessary lawsuit.

Get in compliance today!

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Set up your custom Quick Access toolbar with Ease of Access tools
  • Learn to format text specifically for ADA Compliance, i.e. hyperlinks, color, styles
  • Create and Modify Text and Heading Styles to expedite redundant processes
  • Learn the "Alt Text" requirements and how to apply to various visuals and objects
  • The keep-it-simple Table structure
  • Finalize the document using a super-secret trick and then PDF to confirm readability

Who Will Benefit

  • All Companies
  • All Titles

Speaker Profile

Andy Lanning, owner, trainer, and Chief Nerd of Computer Software Training, LLC. Andy has 25+ years of experience teaching computer software in the corporate and university environments. She teaches basic to advanced levels in most Microsoft Office programs. She is adjunct faculty at Boise State University, since 1994 to present, where she specializes in computer training for the Center for Professional Development. She also travels to teach at company conferences across the U.S. Andy’s background includes corporate training, private training, and freelance data analysis. She has recorded several online training courses for Udemy.com, GoSkills.com, and in her career has delivered hundreds of courses and webinars on a variety of Microsoft topics.