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Life Centered Therapy is a psychospiritual, mindbody, energetic framework for healing/transformation. Find and transform through your body the story that you are unconsciously re-membering through physical, emotional, mental, relational, and/or spiritual difficulties. Resolve symptoms; enhance choice; discover soul/life lessons.

Overview and demonstration.
To return to wholeness seven steps may be necessary: 1) knowing
our passion/destiny 2) releasing obstacles 3) developing mastery and discipline 4) creating more energy 5) developing maturity - moving from a polarized to an incorporative perspective 6) acknowledging every perspective and opening to its value 7) experiencing that we are the consciousness of life itself.

In this introductory talk/demonstration we will particularly focus on the second step.
We will to open to a new idea - that all of our suffering, all of our difficulties are, from a different perspective, a remembering of who we are so that we can heal and grow.

This remembering can be from the smallest aspects of being to the infinite. Everything that we seek to remember is held in our body so that the body becomes a hologram of the Akashic record.

Everything that has ever happened, is happening, and will ever happen is revealed in the body and therefore can be brought to consciousness through the body for healing work.

With this perspective as our foundation, we will turn to how to transform obstacles and bring ourselves back into balance so that we have greater choice and more freedom.

We will discover that healing and transformation grows out of deepening awareness, allowing and accepting. When we make consciousness the centerpiece of our healing and transformational work, we can focus on releasing our difficulties, understanding their meaning and using them as a guide to realize our destiny and ultimately we come to know that life is revealing itself, to itself, through us.

Participants will receive a brief overview and experience a demonstration. Participants learn how to transform the past and future leading to wholeness in the present.

The larger impact of this work is on the transpersonal field of consciousness, where it contributes to opening to expanded health in the whole community.

Why you should Attend

Learn the Secrets of Master Therapists and Healers.

Let's hear what one of our clients had to say about Life Centered Therapy:
"I would characterize it as 'miraculous.' That a single hour of therapy can take the place of 20 years of therapy. That the power of the mind and body can come together and heal physical ailments. No, this isn't a miracle. It's a miracle that human beings have figured out how to do this." Client

If you want to heal yourself because you are sufferingAnd even worseYou're completely stuck and don't know how to get better
You've tried it all but nothing seems to fully nourish your mind, body, and soul.

If you are a therapist, and are doing good work yet have a sense there has to be something more that can get you even more effective and efficient results. Then Come learn about this novel approach that says the reason we suffer is trauma. Trauma is simply some experience that cannot be handled and integrated. When we can't integrate an experience, we no longer just feel pain, we feel pain about the pain and are unable to say yes to whatever we are experiencing.

We will demonstrate how any symptoms we suffer about- physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual are also a clue that is an invitation to remember what couldn't be handled and integrated. When we choose to experience these things, we come to identify with the witness/host as opposed to the one who is being witnessed. As soon as we do that, we become free.
Life Centered Therapy can get you unstuck so you can thrive in life again!

And if you are a therapist, it will give you tools and a step-by-step protocol to get remarkable results with your clients. Today.
Join us for a brief overview and live demonstration of the work
Welcome to Life Centered Therapy!

Areas Covered in the Session

  • The causes of all suffering; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relational
  • How to heal yourself, grow, and realize your destiny

Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone who is suffering physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or relationally
  • Any mental health professional who works with individuals, couples and larger systems

Speaker Profile

Andrew Hahn, Psy.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist. He received his A.B. Magna Cum Laude in Social Studies/Psychology from Harvard University and his Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Hahnemann University. He is certified by Helen Palmer to teach the Enneagram and has also been a faculty member in the graduate Counselling Programs at Lesley University and Northeastern University.

While Dr. Hahn’s strong foundation and significant experience in traditional psychology has served his clients well, he has been untiring in his effort to better understand what is going on for people so that he could better help them live more contented and healthier lives. This calling for greater understanding, as well as certain experiences which he could not fully comprehend within the confines of traditional Western paradigms, led him on a search for answers that opened him to the worlds of Buddhist and Eastern Psychology; Mystery Trainings; and Depth, Archetypal and Spiritual Psychology. During this period, Thich Nhat Hanh, Brugh Joy, Dick Olney, Helen Palmer, Barbara Hastings, and Claudio Naranjo were particularly influential and powerful teachers for him.

In 1997, after several years of witnessing the power of the work, Dr. Hahn developed the Life Centered Therapy Training program for those who want to facilitate and/or teach this process. Today, Dr. Hahn has a private practice in Waltham, MA; speaks, teaches and leads trainings and healing groups internationally; and continues his effort to better understand what is going on for people so that he can better help them live more contented and healthier lives.