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Webinar Price Details


This webinar teaches someone how to become an Adjunct University Professor in a live classroom even if they have never taught before.

This webinar can also benefit existing Adjunct University Professors who want to enhance their teaching skills & performance.

  • Have you ever considered becoming an University Professor? in a live classroom?
  • Do you have skills and experience that, if shared, can make a difference in someone's life?

Why you should Attend

  • Take this course if you ever dreamed of becoming a university professor in a live classroom this course will teach you how!
  • Take this course if you are already an Adjunct University Professor and want to improve your teaching skills and performance

Areas Covered in the Session

The webinar will include the following:

  • Student testimonials of actual students
  • Funny Movie clips used to emphasize key points
  • Live in-class instruction video clips of Professor Lacouture in action

Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone Interested in Teaching and becoming an Adjunct University Professor

Speaker Profile

Luis E. Lacouture has been an Adjunct University Professor at the Graduate School of Business at Villanova University since 2011. Luis has taught courses on Emerging Markets/Global Economy, Blue Ocean Strategy, Career Transitions, Employee Engagement/Motivation, and Pharmaceutical Marketing and Advertising.

Luis has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 25 years and is currently an executive at Novo Nordisk based in Princeton, New Jersey. Luis is also a part-time consultant and runs a small jewelry business.