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This topic will address what effective meetings look like and what in effective meetings lack or need. This topic will address the biggest culprits when it comes to in effective meetings, e.g. lack of a clear purpose, lack of clear takeaways, too many rambling participants, a lack of participation and how those issues can be addressed with effective preparation and facilitation skills.

Why you should Attend

Anyone who has to facilitate meetings or who may soon be in a position where they will lead and facilitate meetings.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Most common complaints about meetings
  • Causes of these complaints
  • Dealing with difficult attendees
  • Best practices to minimize controllable distractions
  • Key preparation tips
  • Follow up best practices

Who Will Benefit

  • First Line Supervisors
  • Project Managers
  • Department Heads
  • First and Second Line Managers

Speaker Profile

Michael Cox is the founder and President of Nittany Business Coaching and Training. He has provided hundreds of highly acclaimed seminars and webinars on a variety of topics over the last ten years.

He brings his seminars to life with examples from his 29-year career as a high performing leader and manager in the corporate world where he was noted for his ability to develop high performing leaders and teams that consistently exceeded all measurements while having fun.

Mike brings a highly interactive and collaborative approach to all seminars and webinars. He is highly adept at identifying key needs for his clients and students and tailoring his approach to ensure that the most important needs are addressed. His webinars have been described as "highly interactive and compelling," "engaging and exciting," and "highly impactful."

He is passionate about ensuring that attendees leave with a clear plan that can be implemented immediately to drive results and performance.

Mike has an MBA in Marketing from St. Joseph's University. He has worked with various levels of management and staff to provide training and coaching that makes a difference.