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In this 1-hour session, tailored for data analysts, marketing analysts, supply chain professionals, manufacturing managers, and anyone engaged with Excel or Power BI reports, we'll provide an insightful overview of Power BI's capabilities. Here’s what you'll gain:

Transition from Excel to Power BI: Understand the key differences in data visualization between Excel and Power BI and how Power BI can enhance your data analysis.

Insight into Power BI Workflow: Get an introductory look at the Power BI workflow, from data import to creating insightful dashboards.

Hands-On Exploration: Interact with various Power BI tools and visuals and learn how to navigate Power BI reports on the Power BI service.

Integration Insights: Discover how Power BI and Excel work together, showcasing the ease of importing data from Excel to Power BI and vice versa.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is ideal for anyone familiar with Excel visuals who wants to explore data analytics and visualization in Power BI. Our session is designed to accommodate a wide range of participants, from experienced professionals to newcomers in the field.

Prepare for an Engaging Session

To fully participate, we recommend having Power BI Desktop installed, along with a subscription to Power BI service. (Optional)

Join Our Insightful Session

Register now for an enlightening hour that promises to enhance your understanding of data analytics and reporting. Embark on a journey that lays the groundwork for your future in data visualization with Power BI!

Why you should Attend

  • Have you heard about Power BI and aren’t sure if it’s for you?
  • Are performance issues with large datasets in Excel leading you to consider Power BI?
  • Are you wondering if Power BI is appropriate for your organization?
  • Would you like your team members to become familiar with reports on Power BI online?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, our Introduction to Power BI Dashboards webinar is for you. 

Attend this webinar to:

  • Learn key differences between data visualizations in Excel vs. Power BI.
  • Discover the Power BI workflow so that you understand how to get from data to insights.
  • Explore the most commonly used visuals and tools in Power BI.
  • View ways to interact with Power BI reports on Power BI service.

Attending this webinar also provides the following benefits:

Career Development: As business intelligence and data visualization skills are increasingly in demand, learning Power BI is an excellent career move for Excel users. The webinar will introduce learners to a tool that is becoming essential in many industries.

Explore Data Visualization Options: Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis, but Power BI takes visualization and analytics to the next level. The webinar will demonstrate the more dynamic, interactive, and visually appealing reports available in Power BI. 

View Excel / Power BI Integration Options: View how Excel data is imported into Power BI, and how Power BI report data can be exported to Excel.

User-Friendly Interface: Excel users will find Power BI's interface familiar yet more powerful. The webinar will help ease the transition by highlighting similarities and differences.

Shorten the Learning Curve: By addressing the similarities to Excel, this webinar will help you apply what you know about Excel so that you can shorten your Power BI learning curve. 

Attending the webinar will provide Excel users with a foundational understanding of Power BI, inspire them to explore its capabilities further, and demonstrate how it can be a powerful complement or alternative to their current data analysis and visualization tools.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Introduction to Power BI: Understand what Power BI is and its significance in the modern data landscape
  • Comparative Analysis: Power BI vs. Excel
  • Workflow Guide: From desktop to service and mobile - understanding the Power BI workflow
  • Power BI Desktop: Insights into Power Query, Relationships, and Data Models
  • Interacting with Power BI Reports: Learn to navigate and utilize Power BI service
  • Interactive Features in Power BI: Discover the potential of slicers, filters, and bookmarks
  • Visual Exploration Includes an overview of drill-down and drill-through features

Live Q & A Session: 

  • While not required, equipping yourself with Power BI Desktop and a subscription to Power BI service will enable you to fully engage with our interactive session.

Who Will Benefit

  • Data Analysts 
  • Supply Chain Professionals 
  • Marketing Analysts
  • Program Analysts 
  • Manufacturing Managers

Speaker Profile

Jackie Kiadii is an MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer specializing in Excel, Power Query, and Power BI. For the past 20 years. She has taught business professionals how to use software to increase their productivity. In addition to training, Jackie works as a consultant helping companies manage their data and automate their Excel processes

Jackie Kiadii started off as a consultant in 2001, and somewhere along the way she discovered that she has a passion for teaching people how to get the most out of their software in the shortest time possible. She draws people into her presentation with real life examples, adding a touch of natural humour.