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When we think of powerful women, words such assertive, decisive, and “thick skinned” come to mind. However, legendary powerful role models such as Eleanor Roosevelt were also empathetic, likeable, and trustworthy. It’s a constellation of attributes that constitute a powerful, professional presence.

In this webinar you will learn techniques and skills you need to project a confident, professional, authentic image. The techniques and skills are essential to interacting with others in a way that sends the message you are a professional – someone likeable, trustworthy, and poised - sure of herself and that for which she stands. This leads to relationships with bosses, staff members, co-workers that are rooted in respect Perceptions change and the bends in your career path straighten, making it easier to move forward.

“There is no more liberating, no exhilarating experience that to determine one’s positon, state it bravely, and then act boldly.”  Eleanor Roosevelt

Why you should Attend

This is for you if you want to move forward in your business or career, but the work environment is tripping you up.

You may get along well with others or you may feel out of the loop. In either case, your career or business goals remain elusive, because the company serves Power Pie, but the pieces for women are small.

You may feel

Discounted by male co-workers re your contributions, because you’re “just a  girl”

Invisible at meetings

Not heard

Minimized because of a soft voice

Angry when an idea you offered was received with a platitude yet the same idea applauded when offered by a male colleague

Overlooked for promotions

Frustrated because you have the expertise, and drive to operate in  in 5th gear, but  the work environment keeps you in “Park”

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Listening to understand
  • Exuding  quiet confidence
  • Displaying emotional intelligence
  • Leveraging your imagination
  • Projecting a powerful professional presence with your attire
  • Influence with your voice:  tone, projection, choice of words/phrases
  • Claim your space and be heard at a meeting
  • Display powerful poise in handling difficult conversations/encounters with others
  • Dare to be vulnerable
  • Side step pitfalls such as perfectionism

Who Will Benefit

  • Department Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Team members
  • Project Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Real-Estate Professionals
  • STEM Professionals
  • Law Professionals
  • Career-Services Directors

Speaker Profile

Janet Parnes equips professionals with skills that turn conversations into valuable connections and clients.

A graduate of The Protocol School of Washington®, she brings 15 years of experience working with clients from a range of industries including higher education, real estate, STEM, law, and architecture.

Janet’s background in sales and public relations combined with her speaker training, positions her to create a paradigm shift in the way we create meaningful professional connections.

Janet formed her company Janet .L. Parnes, Etiquette Consultant in response to a growing need: we can contact people just about anywhere, anytime-yet, we’re losing the art of making connections. This is costing us, for connections are critical in achieving our career goals.

As a professional storyteller, Janet entertains and educates audiences with tales of missteps, misspeaks, and misunderstandings - some of them her own!