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How your program is an investment, not an expense that will save you $5.00 for every $1.00 invested.

Why a well-run program will bring more workers compensation premium bidders to your door. 

The ref flags to look for that says your program isn't working and what to do about it.Will give the best way to have a well-run program. 

Why should you Attend

The majority of employers are just hoping their program will provide a defense from citations and litigators. 

Over 90% that download information from the internet, paying the big dollars only to discover it will require a lot of time to understand the information and make the information applicable to their operations. Most just guess and hope they can pass an audit.

A lot of employers are willing to pay a lot of money to online vendors, being seduced by the advertising, thinking they will pass an audit, and still are having frequency injury claim issues. What is going wrong? 

Attendees will be given the high points of what they need to do to pass the audit in the event of serious injury., or a fatality 

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Why your workers compensation carrier may be willing to cover the expense of creating a well-designed safety program
  • What is an "Experience Modification and why you should pay attention to it?
  • When can you expect OSHA Consultative to come calling, and what to do
  • When can you expect OSHA Enforcement to come calling
  • What part does your Workers compensation loss control department play
  • The biggest failures observed in safety programs

Who Will Benefit

  • All Employer who have Employees, no exceptions
  • All Employers are Required to have an OSHA safety Program
  • Would you build a home without a blueprint to follow? Yet most are willing to create a safety program without a blue print that can cost thousands of dollars in citations, increased workers compensation premiums and litigation
  • Loss of man hours can be reduced substantially
  • Companies can loss to their competitors resulting from increased overhead (Increased workers compensation premiums, missed production deadlines caused by key employees away from work due to injury.)

Speaker Profile

Gary Heppner 30 years an independent Insurance broker in California, writing a large book of workers compensation and other lines of insurance. Been providing assistance with over 23+ OSHA Consultative visit from OSHA during the last 19 years.

Speaking on Webinars Monthly to all 50-states for the last 1.5 years. Held 1-hour webinar to equipment rental agencies in North America. Featured one month in Equipment rental agencies monthly magazine. Conducted over 100 + "OSHA Mock OSHA Audits" for clients to determine compliance