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Business etiquette is the course that is not offered in school. There is an assumption that people know how to behave, how to conduct themselves with polish and professionalism and how to treat others with courtesy, kindness and respect. People are not born with good manners.

They learn them over time. If they are smart, they seek out opportunities for self-development and self-improvement. In this course you will learn how to present yourself as a polished professional-as someone who is at ease and confident in every business situation and as someone who puts others at ease and makes them feel comfortable.

You will learn the details it takes to make a positive and powerful first impression. Since we all know that the first impression is the lasting impression, you don't want to risk getting off on the wrong foot. This course covers all the elements of a first impression from smiling and making eye contact to offering the most professional and appropriate greetings.

You will learn the value of presenting yourself with polish when you are meeting someone face-to-face, when you are talking to them over the phone and when you are communicating online.

In the business world, there is never a time to let your guard down. People are watching, and listening and forming opinions. Your appearance, your body language, your tone of voice and the words you choose are a reflection of your professionalism or the lack thereof.

The business world is competitive. Other people and organizations offer the same services and products that you do. The point is to set yourself apart from your competition-to outclass and outlast them.

The successful business person understands that business is built on relationships. Business etiquette is not about rules; it's about relationships. Those relationships are grounded in trust and respect. Without out those two elements, your clients, customers and colleagues will look for someone else who can meet those standards. You will be left wondering what went wrong. You will wonder why you didn't get the job when you thought you were the most qualified applicant.

You will question why you weren't promoted when you are sure that your skills are far superior to your coworkers. You will be puzzled about why you didn't get the raise that you thought was due.

With etiquette and manners, the devil is in the details. It could be something as seemingly insignificant as wearing the wrong shoes or choosing the wrong seat the business meeting.

Perhaps it was failing to acknowledge your boss in a respectful way. Nothing can be left to chance and no opportunity ignored when presenting yourself as the polished professional.

The business person who sees the value of good manners and proper etiquette will find it reflected in the bottom line. In summary manners and etiquette add the polish that builds profits.

Why you should Attend

Are you afraid that you don't have what it takes to be successful in the business world? Do you worry that in spite of skills that you have worked so hard to develop and the strong education that you labored so diligently to earn you won't be successful?

Do you look at people who seem to have "made it", and wonder how they did? Do you look at other people who appear to have what it takes to succeed and yet they haven't? Are you concerned that you won't make it off the bottom rung of the corporate ladder, that you won't get the job you want, the promotion you've been trying for or the raise you have been expecting?
Worry no more.

Studies have identified that certain "je ne sais quoi" that leads to business success.Oddly enough, it's not your expertise or your education.  It's your interpersonal skills. According to a Harvard University study, 85% of success in business is based on how you relate to other people.

People do business with people they know, like and trust. If people don't know, like and trust you, they will not do business with you. Simple as that. So what does it take to be likable and trustworthy in the eyes of others? The answer is good manners and professional etiquette.

Etiquette is not about being stuffy or aloof. It's not about putting on airs or a false front. It's about being genuine. It's about being kind, courteous and respectful of others.  Whether you are interacting with clients, potential clients, co-workers or colleagues, what matters most is how you treat those individuals.

If you want to learn good manners and professional courtesy that will help you outclass and outlast your competition, this is the course for you. This is the session that will show you the tips and techniques for making a positive impression, for exhibiting professional courtesy and for treating people in ways that make them feel comfortable and at ease. You will learn what it takes to be confident in every business situation, no matter the circumstances.

This is the course they don't teach at the Harvard School of Business, but it's the one that will take you straight to the top of the corporate ladder.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Making positive first impressions
  • Meeting and greeting with charm and savvy
  • Handling business introductions with ease
  • Dressing appropriately for every business occasion
  • Presenting a professional image
  • Making simple courtesies a part of every business encounter and every business day

Who Will Benefit

  • CEO's
  • Managers
  • Associates at all levels of Business as well as new hires and soon-to-be college Graduates
  • Job Seekers

Speaker Profile

Lydia Ramsey is an international business etiquette expert. She is the president and founder of Manners That Sell, a firm based in Savannah, Georgia, offering seminars, keynote speeches and executive coaching to corporations, associations, colleges and universities as well as individuals. She began her career as an etiquette consultant over three decades ago.

In 1997 Ramsey founded Manners That Sell to pursue her passion for business etiquette. While the majority of her work is spent in group training and onsite workshops, she is often asked either by the individuals who attend her sessions or the executives who hire her to follow up with one on one coaching. She assures all her clients that she comes with a life-time guarantee so that at any point in time, they can call on her to help them personally with their business etiquette issues.

Ramsey is the author of several books including MANNERS THAT SELL – ADDING THE POLISH THAT BUILDS PROFITS (Pelican Publishing 2008) and LYDIA RAMSEY’S LITTLE BOOK OF TABLE MANNERS (Longfellow Press 2008). She has produced four training videos, including “Dining for Profit” which was featured in the Wall Street Journal as one of the top four training videos on business dining. She is the business etiquette columnist for The Savannah Morning News and a contributor to business journals and trade publications in print and online. She has written scripts for Voice of America China Department on business etiquette to be broadcast to China, Thailand and other Far Eastern countries.

Ramsey is certified by The Protocol School of Washington and At Ease Etiquette Consultants. She has traveled extensively throughout the US and as far abroad as India and Dubai to offer her programs on business etiquette and professional courtesy.

Ramsey is a popular media figure and regularly called to be interviewed or featured on national television and radio. She has appeared on FOX TV, NPR, PBS, NBC, CBS and The Travel Channel. She has been featured or quoted in newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Entrepreneur, The Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, Real Simple Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness and Golf Digest. Her clients belong to a host of industries including financial, healthcare, construction, sports, legal, hospitality and tourism as well as colleges and universities. Among those clients are Turner Construction International, Colas International, Gulfstream Aerospace, Georgia Ports Authority, PSS World Medical, TSYS, SunTrust Bank, Marriott, The PGA Tour, Columbia University, The American Hospital Association, The US Federal District Courts and The US Bankruptcy Court. Ramsey firmly believes that etiquette is not about rules; it’s about relationships