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Most companies don't formally train their managers on how to properly conduct an employment interview. Instead, most of them merely "wing it" and hope for the best. But you can't expect to attract and hire the best talent if you don't know how to conduct an effective employment interview, especially if you are doing it in a virtual environment.

An interview is generally seen as a process where there is a question and answer session between the job seeker and the interviewer from the company. The purpose is to figure out whether or not the interviewee is a good match to be hired for the organization.

Interviews are a crucial step in the recruiting process because that is when the interviewer is trying to identify the best person for the job and to assess who would be the most beneficial to the company overall.

Why is learning to conduct an effective interview important? It's important because an interview helps the managers know who is efficient and who is not. In addition, they also get to identify different traits of all the applicants, and it helps figure out who is going to perform best in any particular position.

There are many skills that can be assessed through the interview process. Some examples include communication skills, personality, confidence, social behavior, body language, and intelligence.

But you need to know how to conduct the interview in the best way possible.

There are many considerations that the interview needs to know in order to get the most out of every employment interview.

For example, there are many nonverbal considerations, especially when conducting an employment interview via video conferencing. Some examples include the room/background, lighting, minimizing distractions, body language, and mental/psychological issues.

Other essential things the interviewer needs to know are proper listening techniques, how to plan and organize the interview, what questions to ask, and being aware of your biases during the interview.

This webinar will provide you with everything you need to know to conduct an effective virtual employment interview so you can attract the best possible talent to grow your business.

Why you should Attend

Lately, the whole business world seems to be moving from face-to-face to virtual. While many people are comfortable with technology, some people are not - and that leads to fear. Communicating at a distance has many disadvantages and challenges that need to be overcome. It is common for people to feel fearful of how they should conduct themselves in a virtual environment.

Many companies are also conducting virtual employment interviews these days as well. But how exactly are you supposed to do that? Most people are used to doing interviews face-to-face, so there is a lot of uncertainty about how to be effective an choose the right people to hire if you are not seeing them in person.

That leads to doubt. Will I be hiring he right person? How do I know what this person is really going to be like if they are just "hiding" behind a computer during the interview? How do I make the most of the employment interview experience?

These are all questions that can and will be answered in this webinar.

Knowing how to conduct effective employment interviews is vital to the success of any company. Without hiring the right people, you cannot get the results and profit that you desire. So, it all starts right here - with knowing how to conduct the perfect virtual employment interview.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Preparations that need to be done before the interview
  • Considerations concerning the video conferencing format
  • How to organize and plan an effective interview
  • Important considerations to be aware of during the interview
  • How to be aware of your biases
  • Selecting the best candidate

Who Will Benefit

  • Anyone who conducts employment interviews for their company or organization

Speaker Profile

Dr. Carol Morgan is a professor at Wright State University, a success expert, and also a relationship coach. She earned her Ph.D. in communication from the University of Nebraska and has personally taught thousands of people many life-changing strategies in her classrooms, workshops, books, videos, articles, as well as on the radio and television.

She has also spent many years presenting research at professional conferences, as well as doing consulting, training and workshops for businesses, schools, organizations, and the general public. She has worked with groups of all kinds - from network marketing companies to hostage negotiation teams.

In addition, she is a keynote speaker, the author of several books, and a regular expert for the following: Living Dayton TV show, eHow.com, Lifehack, and Inspiyr.com (member of their expert network). She also owns the website HerSideHisSide.com, a relationship advice site that writes from both the male and female perspectives. Furthermore, she also writes articles for various other motivational websites and magazines, including The Huffington Post. Her articles have been shared on social media millions of times. To contact her, visit her websites at: DrCarolMorgan.com and HerSideHisSide.com.