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Both employee recruitment and retention are important to the growth and success of an organization.

Focus largely on retention and then on recruitment. If you can retain your employees, that reduces the amount of work you have to do to recruit new ones.

Once you recruit and hire the right prospects, it’s then time to retain them. High employee retention rates can be a testament to just how great working for your organization is. This not only results in motivated and hardworking employees but also rewards your organization with a positive and attractive reputation. 

The goal is for you t use these strategies to hire and recruit new people while focusing on retaining your top talent at the same time.

Why you should Attend

The "great resignation" is affecting many businesses today and turnover can be very costly. Employee recruitment is vital to ensure that the organization continues to grow. Not only is a dedicated and well-planned recruitment effort critical to finding the best candidates, but it can also ensure that they are excited to join your team and are properly onboarded. 

There’s no point in recruiting new team members if you don’t make every effort to retain your current skilled talent.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • How Employee Recruitment and Retention Benefits Organizations
  • Common employee recruitment and retention challenges
  • Determining Needs
  • Key components of employee recruitment and retention strategy
  • Best Practices for Employee Recruitment and Retention

Who Will Benefit

  • HR Professionals
  • Diversity and Inclusion Professionals
  • Talent Management Professionals
  • Hiring Managers
  • Recruiters
  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors

Speaker Profile

Dr. Edward Hubbard Ph.D. is President & CEO of Hubbard & Hubbard. Inc. and is the author of more than 59 Diversity and business-related books such as: “The Diversity Scorecard”, “The Hidden Side of Resistance to Change”, “How to Calculate Diversity Return on Investment”, “Mastering the Secrets of Personal Success”, “Measuring Diversity Results”, “Managing Organizational Change”, “ServiceWorks”, “Diversity Business Alignment Maps”, “Intentional Diversity Transformation”, “The Executive’s Pocket Coach to Diversity and Inclusion Management”, and more).

Dr. Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D. is recognized world-wide as the pioneer founder and creator of the Diversity and Inclusion Measurement and Diversity ROI Analytics fields and their associated disciplines and sciences. He is the recipient of the “Legends of Diversity Award”, he also received the “Excellence in Global Leadership Award” from the World HRD Congress and The “Sentry Award” Award from the U.S. Pentagon, and numerous awards and recognitions.

Dr. Ed Hubbard also serves on the Harvard Business Review Editorial Advisory Board. Dr. Ed Hubbard holds a Certified Practitioner and Master Practitioner license in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), a B.A. and M.A. degree, and earned a Ph.D. with Honors in Business Administration.