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Have you asked yourself why you have been appointed manager of your team? Your boss probably wants you to ensure that your team is going to perform to its best continuously.

Therefore, your role as a manager is to make certain that you can measure your team performance and engage with your team to make sure you deliver according to your boss’ expectations or even better.

You might hope for a day without problems, but unfortunately now and then, some issues arise, and you must deal with them. Some of these issues are directly related to your team: a mistake, someone not doing his part, conflict with another team member…

A manager is like a GPS: it does continuous small corrections to ensure that you get to the right place at the end. If there are works on the road, it will suggest a detour. It might suggest different options to get the same result.
What would happen if a GPS would wait to the end of a trip to tell you that you did a wrong turn 2h ago? You would probably insult the poor machine and not trust it anymore.

Now if your employee is the driver and you are the GPS. How would the employee feel about you giving feedback 2 months later?

A GPS works because it allows you to do small corrections along the way instead of a big and costly correction at the end.
The same happens with a manager, small adjustments everyday are easier to digest and to put in place than a big critic several month later during the progress review.

This webinar covers the importance of clear expectations and the way to approach feedback as a tool for growth and help for your employes, rather than from a judgmental perspective.

Why you should Attend

You need to speak to that employee, but you keep postponing the discussion:

I will tell him tomorrow!

You meet the person in the hallway:

Right now, is not the right moment, I'll speak later!

I'll speak later, I’ll speak later… and soon you are awake in the middle of the night, repeating the same discussion in your head, stressing about the potential reactions of the employee.

I wouldn’t like if someone would tell me the same thing!

And in the end the conversation is not happening. And the more you wait the harder it becomes to express it.

But wait! His progress review is in a month, so, I will tell him then…

The trick worked maybe for a couple of days, but now you are awake again, stressing about the progress review.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Clarifying Expectations
  • Specific Objectives
  • Feedback
  • Progress Reviews
  • Hard/Soft Skills
  • Training Plans

Who Will Benefit

  • Supervisors 
  • Team Lead, and Managers in Finance
  • IT
  • Admin, and Office based Departments

Speaker Profile

Remi Vogel is an executive in finance. He has been working for more than 25 years around the world, growing professionals into managers,

He has worked with small teams of two people to big teams of 30 peoples, leading through several layers of management.

He has been leading multifunctional teams in finance and administration working in multiple industries, cultures and countries in Europe, Africa, and America.

More recently, he started to mentor and coach managers outside his organization in an effort to help mangers become better leaders.