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Fundraising is a hallmark of many industries but remains one of the most challenging areas in organizational life. Yet, getting comfortable and familiar with the world of effective fundraising is key to the success of any non-profit. In this webinar, we will look at how to understand fundraising differently, create sustainable goals, and make raising money a painless process for decades to come. Attendees will learn about community centric fundraising the blending both tried and true strategies with today’s digital frontiers. Attendees will leave with tools to start planning and executing fundraising effectively.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Make fundraising fun and affordable
  • Understand how to work with global economic shifts and its impact on donor giving
  • Targeting your audience with incentives that work
  • Community involvement
  • How to do not get discouraged and think creatively

Who Will Benefit

  • HR Staff
  • Healthcare Management

Speaker Profile

Lorrene Castelhano is a wellness and leadership expert. She brings over 40 years of healthcare administration and direct care services to The National Center for Equity and Agency where she is a consultant, speaker, and head of human resources. Ms. Castelhano proudly followed in her family’s history of military service by serving her country in the United States Air Force and continues this legacy by currently serves as a veteran’s chaplain for American Veterans and member of The American Legion.

During her years in the healthcare industry, she has served patients in a myriad of settings: from indigent populations in Appalachia to administration roles for Hospice. She has been given numerous awards for her excellence in nursing including ‘Caregiver of the Year” in multiple roles. Ms. Castelhano is regularly called upon as an expert in medical-surgical assessment and diagnostics as well as psychiatric nursing.