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How do you address the growing demand for career development support and resources in a way that scales appropriately for your organization? In this webinar, we look at the key ingredients that you need to have in order support career development and cost-effective alternatives for implementing them within your organization.

Career development can mean different things to different people. For some, it is synonymous with getting promoted. But in reality, career development is all of the work that you do to set career aspirations, assess your capabilities, leverage your network, plan out your career progression and professional development, and grow your capabilities.

Doing these things helps you grow professionally and increases your changes of getting promoted. While an employer cannot guarantee a promotion, it can provide the necessary resources and guidance to help employees engage in career development.

For organizations that want to invest in career development, the challenge is scale. Executive coaching, 360 assessments, and other common features of career development programs can be prohibitively expensive.

As a result, they may be seen as perks that only the elite few are offered.  In this session, we explore alternatives for achieving the same outcomes but in a more scalable way, so that an organization can offer appropriate amounts of career development more widely.

Why you should Attend

Retaining top performers and leaders has been challenging due to talent wars heating up around certain industries and job types. Leadership development is differentiator that can make those employee relationships more sticky.

Employee engagement levels in many organizations are not where they should be, and a common complaint in engagement surveys is that employees are not receiving enough career development support and resources.

Providing more of that can help you secure relatively quick wins.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • How can we scale up the process of career goal setting?
  • How can help employees assess their capabilities relative to where they aspire to go?
  • How can we help employees develop the career skills needed to fuel their career development efforts?

Who Will Benefit

  • CHRO
  • HR Directors
  • HR Managers
  • OD Directors
  • Leadership Development Directors
  • Others who are in roles requiring them to nurture Leadership Talent

Speaker Profile

Dr. Gus Prestera teaches change leadership at American University to HR management and analytics, project management, and healthcare management graduate students.

He has been supporting business leaders and HR leaders in their talent-related change initiatives for over 20 years. Gus has worked with mid- and large-sized businesses across different industries to analyze business needs, define solutions, build business cases, create change strategies, design communication plans, and support the ongoing work of promoting change adoption across these organizations.