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Learning organizations are always under pressure to produce more with less. In addition, they need to keep up with the fast-paced changes that happen at all levels, including the addition of new products and technology. A learning organization also needs to prove its worth by demonstrating measurable results. Finally, they play an important role in ensuring a fully trained workforce. All of this is difficult to accomplish unless the leader of the learning organization has assumed the position of learning leader and takes a seat at the table where the organization develops its strategies and plans.

Taking any learning organization to the next level requires putting in place the systems and processes that produce the best results quickly and within budget. Getting a team with the right skills and getting them all on the same page is a constant challenge and needs to be worked on in a systematic and continuous improvement way.

For new or developing learning leaders, there is a challenge of getting their voices heard and establishing the credibility required to make it happen. Part of this challenge is to learn the language of learning and development as well as the language of business which is money.

In this webinar, all of these issues are discussed and a roadmap for improvement is laid out. The webinar includes a detailed assessment of finding quick hits that can make a big difference in a short period of time.

Why you should Attend

This session includes each of the following topics:

  • Quick Assessment The Quick Assessment helps you take a fast look around your learning organization to find areas for improvement. It sets up what to focus on during the rest of the session.
  • Language and Principles This topic focuses on establishing a position of learning leadership in your organization as well as getting your team on the same page.
  • Processes This topic focuses on the processes used in a learning organization and how to streamline them for consistent, high-quality delivery.
  • Deliverables and Templates The topic focuses on the output of the learning organization, including selecting training methodologies.
  • Measurement and Evaluation This topic provides strategies for providing the results of training and reporting them to senior management.
  • Change Management This topic is about gaining support and consensus for implementing training in a way that really works.
  • Fixing the Team This topic looks at the skills and attributes of an effective team to take your vision forward.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • How to conduct a quick assessment to find areas for improvement
  • How to install a common set of learning principles
  • How to create a cost-effective design and development process
  • How to determine key deliverables and then install templates that save time and money
  • How to measure and report results to senior management ยท How to build a more effective training staff
  • How to effectively implement training and manage change

Who Will Benefit

  • Chief Learning Officer
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Training Managers, including Directors and Vice Presidents
  • Human Resource Managers, including Directors and Vice Presidents
  • Instructional Designers
  • Chief Executive Officers

Speaker Profile

Steven Rosenbaum For more than 30 years, he has led successful Learning Paths initiatives for major corporations in manufacturing, sales, healthcare, customer service, finance, and leadership. He has developed and trained a network of Learning Path consultants and partners in the U.S. And internationally.

As an author, Steve has written 6 books including Learning Paths: Increase profits by reducing the time it takes to get employees up-to-speed, Up to Speed Secrets of Reducing Time to Proficiency, Managing & Measuring Productivity, and Fair Employment Interviewing. He is also a contributor to the Trainer's Portable Mentor and the Six Disciplines of Breakthrough Learning. He has written more than 100 articles and 400 blog postings on training and development topics.

Steve has also spoken at or keynoted at many leading talent development organization conferences including the Association for Talent Development, Chinese Society of Training and Development, and the International Society for Performance Improvement.