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Being able to speak to others with confidence and influence and persuade are invaluable skills, helping us to lead and getting us taken seriously by our peers. These days, communication and public speaking goes beyond the conference platform and meeting room to speaking on video camera and also on podcasts. Little wonder that communication skills are frequently named as being among the top soft skills required by employees.

Why you should Attend

This highly effective, inspiring and transformational workshop is ideal for any organisation that wants their people to step up into higher profile roles within the company or industry by speaking at events and conferences.

‘Avid’ means keen and enthusiastic and in this interactive session Shola shares her A.V.I.D. framework that encourages speakers to be Authentic, Valuable, Inspiring and Dynamic during professional public speaking situations. Tapping into her 15+ years on international stages, the session is lifted by entertaining stories showing how lessons from the world of performance can be applied to speaking up in the work environment.

The result: Attendees are uplifted, inspired and they see they can be a powerful, engaging speaker in their own way without needing to be a cookie cutter communicator. They learn a simple but highly effective framework that will help them create impactful presentations without the hassle. Individuals walk away with a toolbox of techniques and strategies to be more effective on stage and boost their profile within their organisation or industry.

The session also touches on  personal branding and how speakers can use their values to help differentiate them from their colleagues and industry peers.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Understand and use the 4 step A.V.I.D. formula to rock the stage
  • Discover how to create a high energy, engaging presentation even when your topic is dry
  • Identify your uniqueness as a presenter
  • How to light up the stage without needing a personality transplant
  • How to avoid having to rewrite your speech 20 times before you’re happy
  • Learn why Aristotle is still relevant 2000+ years on
  • How to inspire your audience and invite them in to your world
  • How to tell stories that inspire your audiences to take action
  • Two confidence hacks that will free you up and help you overcome self-criticism

Who Will Benefit

  • Sales People
  • Management
  • Frontline Staff
  • Small Business Owners
  • L&D teams
  • Marketing
  • Conference breakout sessions
  • Events promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Employee resource Groups
  • STEM/data/technical teams not just women!

Speaker Profile

Shola Kaye is a communication specialist, author and an award-winning speaker. Her keynote and masterclass topics include communication for diversity and inclusion, workplace communication - in particular for technical teams - and workplace empathy.

She also speaks about how to create a more inclusive environment for introverts. A former international professional singer, she has sung on 4 continents and appeared in front of audiences as large as 15000. She has been interviewed on the BBC and her work has been mentioned in Forbes and Harper's Bazaar as well as in a variety of HR and management publications. Shola's second book on communications will be published in November 2020.