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Managers', and especially business owners' time is much better spent on more top-level tasks. However, delegation isn't about dumping tasks on others. It's a fine art, and when done properly, your team and business will flourish. Delegating takes careful planning and training for a successful handoff, which in turn takes some time and work, but the payoffs are great for everyone involved.

In this webinar we'll talk about why delegating in the workplace is vitally important, we'll take a look at the reasons managers fail to delegate and why, even when they do, the results aren't what they expected, and finally, discuss guidelines for successful delegation.

Why you should Attend

If you're part of an organization guilty of FTD - failure to delegate or FTDE- failure to delegate effectively, you run the risk of falling short of your organizational, and more importantly, revenue goals. That's huge, but if we take a deeper look at the effect on employees in organizations where managers fail to delegate effectively, if at all, we see a workforce that doesn't feel trusted or empowered; lacks a big picture view; and feels frustrated by lack of challenge and opportunity to use their talents. Bottom line: they're not engaged and to put it in the simplest possible terms, an unengaged workforce is NOT going to help make your organization grow.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • What is/isn't Delegation  
  • Why Delegating is Important to Employees and the Organization
  • Why Does Delegating Fail or Why Managers Fail to Delegate?
  • What Happens When Managers Don't Delegate
  • Guidelines for Successful Delegation
  • Delegation Pitfalls
  • Communicating with Employees about Delegation

Who Will Benefit

  • HR Leaders
  • Regional Heads
  • Department Leaders
  • Managers
  • Supervisors

Speaker Profile

Cynde Jackson Clarke's experience spans over 25 years in organizations of all sizes in a range of industries including energy, investment management, insurance, executive search, public accounting and consulting. It was over the course of 12 years at Deloitte working in the roles of recruiter, corporate trainer, and human capital consultant that she honed her expertise in human capital including employee relations and HR compliance.

As founder and managing consultant with The C Suite Solution, Cynde offers business advisory, coaching and training services to business owners in the greater Washington DC area.

She has also taught Foundations of Strategic HR Management and Consulting Skills for Human Capital in Georgetown University's School of Continuing Studies MPSHR program. She is a Level 3 Crisis Counselor with Crisis Text Line, and currently serves as vice chair on the board of directors for the nonprofit Loudoun Cares.