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Unfortunately, the language of long-term care can be institutional. Even CMS notes this by encouraging the elimination of labels at Tag F550. Are institutional words like these heard in your culture? Facility, beds, frontline, work the floor, toileting, non-compliant, behaviors, difficult, activities, dietary, resident, elope, expire, feeder? Consider a personal and community-wide commitment to use softer, more dignified language. The best news is that changing language costs no money yet does wonders to shift an institutional culture to a natural, normal, home culture instead.

Why you should Attend

Most language in healthcare and long-term care is institutional and degrading to the receivers of care. Most people providing care and services end up wanting to use better language once they learn about it.

Language has power to either harm or honor. Most people do not intend to harm others with their language; this session is your opportunity to know the difference and set yourself, your team and your culture apart.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Review institutional words and learn replacement words
  • Realize how institutional words create an institutional culture
  • Learn better words to create a normal, non-institutional culture
  • Get excited to realize how easy and no cost it is to create a less institutional culture

Who Will Benefit

  • All Professionals

Speaker Profile

Carmen Bowman is a consultant, trainer, author and owner of Edu-Catering: Catering Education for Compliance and Culture Change turning her former role of regulator into educator. Carmen was a Colorado state surveyor for nine years, a policy analyst with CMS Central Office where she taught the national Basic Surveyor Course and was the first certified activity professional to be a surveyor. As a contractor to CMS, Carmen co-developed the Artifacts of Culture Change measurement tool, authored the background papers for and facilitated both Creating Home national symposiums.

She facilitated the Pioneer Network (PN) Task Forces that developed the new Dining Practice Standards and subsequent Toolkit. Carmen serves on the PN Policy Committee which meets quarterly with CMS Division of Nursing homes. She has a Master's degree in Healthcare Systems, a Bachelor's in Social Work and German, is a Certified Eden Associate and Eden Mentor, Certified Validation Worker, Group Practitioner and Presenter. Carmen co-founded the Colorado Culture Change Coalition, and with Action Pact has authored eight culture change workbooks plus hosts a monthly web culture change talk show called Conversations with Carmen. Carmen is passionate about teaching people how to “be your own surveyor” and how culture change practices are the answer to both compliance and QAPI.