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As safety and security is an organizational responsibility, Employees must invest in executing safety and security practices and procedures.

This program will focus on how to approach the Safety Meeting in creating interest and retention and execution of the content.

Three specific areas important to creating retention and executing are Creativity, Innovation and leadership. This training session will assist you in creating and running audacious Safety-security Meetings and training.

You will learn how to overcome employee complaints that, "Safety meetings are boring and a waste of time" through thoughtful planning, engaging techniques and proactive leadership. 

Safety meetings don't have to be boring if conducted with people in mind. Input, ideas and disagreement can encourage honest, respectable and productive outcomes. Even inattentive groups will realize their ideas are being heard. You’ll learn how to create the feeling of "sudden interest" and that being audacious helps being creative and innovative without the meeting being complex or time consuming.

Why you should Attend

Safety and Security is an organizational through leaders and the Safety Program. However, the effectiveness of the Safety Meeting is how it’s planned and delivered. Those involved must take the time to package it, schedule it, promote (marketing) it and convey in an engagingly interesting and informative fashion.  

Knowledge of the content is not sufficient. The ultimate goal of any safety meeting is free, audacious, creative dialogue in reaching innovative outcomes. Creating Safety Meetings that are audacious in thinking about safety should encourage innovation in how safety is approached by employees. The objective is improving safety and security through an engaged workforce.

Areas Covered in the Session

In this program will reveal several approaches to creative and innovative Safety meetings:

  • Creating discussion around identifying the differences between what is safe, what is a hazard or what are a risk and not the statistic
  • Inviting committee members to lead discussions in creating win-win opportunities
  • Limiting the content to 3 things members will take away and not forget
  • Promoting the meeting's value and direction by asking for topics from the committee members
  • Improving participation by engaging the committee members
  • Focusing discussions on recent incidents, what went wrong and how we can manage risk
  • Allowing members to voice opinions in creating out of the box thinking and suggestions without criticism

Who Will Benefit

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Human Resources
  • Training Units
  • Supervisors
  • Managers

Speaker Profile

Felix P. Nater, CSC a Certified Security Consultant as awarded by the International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC) believes that workplace violence prevention requires an understanding and thinking that begins with having a robust, agile, proactive (RAP) process that serves as an early warning system in serving to avoid companies from being caught by surprise, unprepared or negligent.

With almost three decades of specialized experience & expertise acquired as a U.S. postal inspector and violence prevention and response security management consultant, Mr. Nater mentors leaders and trains workforces on how best to mitigate the threat of workplace violence through high-level advice; assistance in the development of multiple intervention strategies and implementation and design of policy, plans, and training solutions with manufacturing, processing, production firms, and other businesses.