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The Collaborative Problem-Solving Process is a step-by-step set of instructions that attempts to get all the relevant data on the table so that the two teams that must work together DO work together to create the optimum solution. While there is a concrete approach in this session, there is also a need for the leaders involved to adopt new attitudes.

Why you should Attend

Anyone who wants -

  • To build effective teams from the ground up
  • To bridge two teams that cannot seem to find effective solutions
  • To identify better solutions for the problems you face
  • To produce better buy-in for the solutions you create

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Effective Dialogue
  • Setting Team Norms
  • Rules for Innovative Problem Solving
  • Principles of Effective Team Decision Making

Who Will Benefit

  • Leaders of Teams (but not front-line supervisors)

Speaker Profile

Henry W. Browning is the Founder and Principle of Idaho & Fitzgerald. With over 35 years of experience designing client-specific development initiatives and programs, Henry has been able to build incredible capacity in the areas of individual leadership development, team development, and organization development. He has designed initiatives for organizations from almost every major industry and had the privilege to work for business headquartered all over the world. This client experience has given Henry a unique ability to empathize with a company’s particular strategic intent and their pain points as they try to achieve success.

In his previous positions with the Center for Creative Leadership, Henry served as Greensboro’s Director of their flag-ship program, Leadership Development Program (LDP). He also served as the Director of Team Development helping to create the organization’s work in High-Performance Teams. He became the first Lead Faculty in CCL’s Healthcare Leadership Vertical, a group specifically set up to understand the needs of healthcare leaders as the industry rolled out the Affordable Care Act. He was the Center’s first Global Solutions Faculty. In his final position, Henry served as a senior design faculty with the Center’s newly formed Commercialization & Innovation Group.

Henry has honed his design skills in two separate stents with the Center: From 1992 to 2002, and again from 2005 to 2019. In between these two periods, Henry was the Executive Director for a $6 million internationally recognized not-for-profit educational institution.

As a process-oriented consultant and educator, Henry is most often found designing, delivering, and facilitating training programs that accent diversity, team learning, and whole-systems thinking. He focuses his practice on understanding group dynamics in teams, team leadership, and leadership excellence.