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The logistics industry is huge, worldwide and critical to our global economy. The industry consists of transportation, warehousing, logistics and technology companies that move goods (physical assets) from producers to consumers.

The industry has grown rapidly in size and sophistication as supply chains became bigger and more demanding. Block chain is one of the technologies that may provide the next advancement in connectivity, speed, transparency, security, productivity and cost savings for the logistics industry.

There are countless areas where block chain technology could drive improvement in the logistics industry, but none bigger than the truck driver shortage so we can use it as illustration.

Shippers are finding it difficult to find carriers and drivers to transport their freight. According to American trucking association, there are 1.5 million trucking companies employing 3.5 million truck drivers. 90% of these companies have six trucks or fewer. Even with all the advancements that have connected the shippers, 3PLs, brokers, carriers and drivers, it is still a big, relatively, disconnected industry.

With block chain and distributed ledger technology there is an opportunity to connect the industry, reduce friction and the cost of doing business. Ideally, block chain could connect the shippers, 3PLs and carriers in a way that maximized efficiency. Shippers would have a more reliable, network of carriers /drivers and carriers would benefit from greater utilization of assets (full trucks, backhauls, etc.). The benefits would result from the nature of block chain and distributed ledger technology, which results in increased transparency, security, efficiency, traceability, speed and cost effectiveness.

Why should you Attend

Block chain technology can provide the following benefits to the supply chain and logistics industries:

  • Excellent Transparency -Information is visible to all and can't be changed even by the creator of block chain, which will improve auditing, billing accuracy and shipment tracking
  • Robust Security -resilient to all sort of cyber attacks
  • Better Traceability -products can be traced from farm to fork
  • Increases Speed and efficiency for Blockchain -information is available to all stake holders instantly, which will aid in shipment tracking, auditing and planning
  • Reduced Costs -No intermediaries, direct buyer and seller contact along with fewer people doing manual entry

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Block chain basics
    • History
    • Definitions
    • Distributed ledger technology
    • How it works
  • Block chain advantages
    • Security
    • Traceability
    • Transparency
    • Speed and efficiency
  • Applications for Block chain in Logistics
    • Trucking
    • Freight forwarding
    • Warehousing
    • Supply Chain Management

Who Will Benefit

  • Sales and Marketing Managers
  • Supply chain Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Owners and Top Executives of Logistics and Supply Chain Companies
  • Owners and Top Executives of Warehousing and Distribution Companies
  • Transportation and Logistics Managers
  • Supply Chain Consultants
  • Purchasing and Procurement Managers
  • Buyers
  • Owners and Top Executives of Import /Export Companies
  • Owners and Top Executives of Transportation, Logistics and 3PL companies
  • Safety Managers
  • Compliance Managers

Speaker Profile

Joe Lynch is the founder of The Logistics of Logistics, a logistics training and consulting firm. Joe specializes in helping logistics and transportation companies grow their sales. Joe also works with manufacturers, retailers, distributors and wholesalers to select and manage their logistics providers (3PLs, brokers, carriers, etc.)

Joe's significant experience in logistics and supply chain has given him unique insights into the challenges and opportunities facing companies that outsource some or all of their transportation and logistics functions.

Mr. Lynch is a frequent speaker / presenter at industry conferences. Joe also conducts dozens of webinars per year. Recent topics include: inbound logistics, automotive logistics, 3PL selection & implementation, service level agreements, managing with key performance indicators, 3PL sales strategy, shipping to/from Mexico, and LTL trends. Prior to founding The Logistics of Logistics, Joe was the General Manager of Rock Solid Logistics, a management based 3PL.

Earlier in his career, Joe led a supply chain consultancy, which focused on the automotive sector. His consulting engagements included: value stream mapping, supply chain optimization, lean product development, module strategy, and quality improvement.

Joe started his career as an automotive engineer and eventually rose to program launch manager for vehicles built in Thailand and China. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and from Cleary University. Joe also earned a Master of Arts in Education from the University of Michigan. His master's program was specifically designed for facilitators, trainers and consultants.