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Co-workers who can speak with co-worker about work-related issues, but then hit a brick wall

Have tried to hold easy “how are ya” conversations and stopped, because they either found it too awkward or embarrassed themselves 
Feel personally and professionally unfulfilled, because they are unconnected

Avoid after-work fun events because they don’t know how to make small talk with co-workers

Are not recognized for their contributions (and fail to recognize the contributions of others) because they isolate

Want to develop a reputation that will help achieve their career goals are held back, because they blend into the workspace background 

Wish they felt like part of the team

Speak their mind but do not know to do so respectfully

Want to be valued, understood and heard

Why you should Attend

Are you concerned about the way your team members speak (or do not speak) to each other?  They “talk shop” with each other but do not engage in friendly social conversation-talk about vacation, the kids, a great Thai restaurant. They are not building co-worker connections.  There is no camaraderie, slaps on the back, laughter. As a result, employees feel isolated, unsupported, and undervalued. They feel like workers, not co-workers.

Co-workers do not know how to speak to others in a way that makes them feel valued, understood, and heard.

This price everyone pays includes 

  • Dim prospects for an individual s career advancement 
  • A short supply of team vibrancy and, thus, motivation 
  • Co-workers that come across as cold and uncaring
  • The individual, team, and organization lose out, because the personal dimension in co-worker relationships is absent

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Start up, maintain, and end a conversation easily
  • Navigate through dilemmas such as a nonstop talking, insults, a difference of opinion
  • Listen to be heard and make another feel heard
  • Make co-worker small talk 
  • Incorporate words/phrases that grab attention and make messages memorable
  • Replace everyday words/phrases that sound unprofessional
  • Avoid often used words that have unintended consequences
  • Harness the power of body language its power to make a silent imprint
  • Guide oneself through awkward conversations such as delivering bad news, requesting help and apologizing with dignity
  • Warm up emails with one word
  • Create connection virtually
  • Assess hen a call or face to meeting is required (instead of a text or email)

Who Will Benefit

  • Business Owners
  • Sales Associates
  • Sales Managers 
  • IT Managers  
  • Engineering Directors
  • Accountants
  • HR Managers
  • Customer-Service Representatives
  • HR Managers
  • Independent Consultants
  • Real-Estate Professionals 
  • STEM Professionals 
  • Law Professionals
  • Career-Services Directors

Speaker Profile

Janet Parnes equips professionals with skills that turn conversations into valuable connections and clients.

A graduate of The Protocol School of Washington®, she brings 15 years of experience working with clients from a range of industries including higher education, real estate, STEM, law, and architecture.

Janet’s background in sales and public relations combined with her speaker training, positions her to create a paradigm shift in the way we create meaningful professional connections.

Janet formed her company Janet .L. Parnes, Etiquette Consultant in response to a growing need: we can contact people just about anywhere, anytime-yet, we’re losing the art of making connections. This is costing us, for connections are critical in achieving our career goals.

As a professional storyteller, Janet entertains and educates audiences with tales of missteps, misspeaks, and misunderstandings - some of them her own!