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When organizations are trying to survive a changing market, considering a reboot of their business, or want the flexibility to enter a new market, the question is how do you make the competitive analysis actionable?

Why you should Attend

Companies that have challenges in their business or have aspirations for their business:

  • Experiencing flat revenue or declining revenue due to a changing marketspace
  • Do you know if your customers are changing, and are you changing with them?
  • Want to attract the next generation of customers and aren’t sure who they are?
  • Want to enter a new market but aren’t sure of who would be an ideal customer?
  • Dealing with new competitors who aren’t from your industry?

Areas Covered in the Session

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Types of competitive analysis
  • The importance of leading indicators
  • Benefits of making competitive analysis actionable for your customer
  • The connection to strategic plan and marketing strategy
  • Why competitive analysis matters for the health of your company

Who Will Benefit

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Marketing Directors
  • Marketing Managers
  • CEOs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Organizations thinking about investing in the marketing function

Speaker Profile

Carla A. Fleming Recognized as a business strategist, researcher, and strategic thought leader, Carla is passionate about helping companies create and turn strategic plans into execution to achieve company goals. Pivoting Strategies was founded to help companies navigate change in an evolving marketspace.

Prior to founding Pivoting Strategies, Carla served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Leaders in Energy, a clean energy and sustainability nonprofit. She also served in a variety of marketing and sales roles at IBM, including Global Product Marketing Manager in Small and Medium Business for Woman-Owned Businesses, where she developed the company's expansion strategy into seven countries. Previously, Carla had grown the global Small and Medium Business Linux business from $200M to $1B in 2.5 years.

She also served as the Chair of the Alexandria United Way, National Capital Region. As a board member and Chair of the Marketing Committee, she led the team in going from not making their fundraising target to achieving it through storytelling. Their storytelling presentation later became the foundation for the United Way's rebranded "Live United" campaign messaging.

Carla is also the author of "The New CEO"™ blog, which explores the new type of CEOs and the changes through interviews with CEOs and Founders. We discuss the challenges they’re taking on and the innovative ways they're finding to master the skills and capabilities their companies need to grow.