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Jon Barnes

Owner, Advertising Company

A natural-born creative, Jon Barnes serves as a leader, mentor, strategist, and consultant, having worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands across a variety of different industries.

Charging ahead with the realization that creativity can be applied to any profession, Jon has run his own advertising and design firm, worked with youth in full-time ministry, “done time” in legal marketing, been a YouTube celebrity, content marketing expert, and now leads Rebel Haiku, a marketing consultancy and training dojo in Ellicott City, MD. Jon’s passion is to equip, inspire, and unleash those he works with, helping professionals and brands identify and live out what truly makes them unique.

With experience in brand strategy, content, coaching, and creativity, Jon brings a unique perspective to the table for any endeavor.

After initially pursuing a degree in automotive design, Jon went on to obtain a BA in Bible and Theology from Washington Bible College, a Master’s Degree in Modern Studies from Loyola University Maryland, and after flirting with a Doctoral program eventually decided that making YouTube videos was a better investment of energy. Jon is also the author of Creative Threads, a career-finding and entrepreneurship handbook for students and young professionals (2018, Apprentice House Publishers).

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