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Dr. Kristen Allott

naturopathic physician,

Dr. Kristen Allott As naturopathic physician, national speaker, and pioneering advocate for the use of whole foods nutrition in the treatment of mental health disorders and addictions, Dr. Allott is passionate about achievable results. With more than fifteen years of clinical experience and as the Wellness Director of A Positive Alterative, an outpatient addiction treatment center, she has refined her expertise on how to promote increased mental, emotional and physical functioning by treating the physical causes of mental health, fatigue, and sugar cravings. Dr. Allott regularly presents on non-pharmaceutical interventions for the treatment of mental health for psychotherapists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, addiction treatment providers and their clients. The tools for improving mental health also help optimize brains for improved decision making, creativity and physical health.

As co-founder of Dynamic Brains Consulting, she presents and consults for organizations such as Vistage, Court Improvement Training Academy (CITA) of Washington State, Washington State Superior Courts Judges Conference, and Maricopa County Juvenile State Court - Cradle to Crayons Program. One of Dynamic Brains Consulting primary programs is Protein for All which started in the Washington and Arizona State Court systems.

Protein for All offers food to low income, food insecure individuals prior to court hearings to help optimize their brains and bodies so that can be their best selves during these high-stake events. New Harbinger Publishing will be releasing her new workbook Fuel Your Brain, Not Your Anxiety in Spring of 2021. You can learn morn at KristenAllott.com

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