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Claire Villarreal

Founder, clairevillarreal.com,

Claire Villarreal , PhD, works to adapt traditional Buddhist teachings for the demands of modern life. She’s made trips to Thailand, India, and Nepal totaling over two years to study and meditate in traditional settings in those countries, with pilgrimage to Tibet. She began meditating daily in 1997 in the Theravada and Vajray?na traditions, and her teachers include Anne Klein, PhD, Harvey Aronson, PhD, Lama Tenzin Samphel, and Kamalo Bhikkhu. She’s spent two and a half months in various degrees of retreat in the Thai forest tradition, four months in group retreats in India and Nepal, and cumulatively over a year of solitary retreat since 2007.

A former Programs Director for Dawn Mountain Center for Tibetan Buddhism and former board member for Compassionate Houston, she earned her doctorate in Religious Studies from Rice University with a dissertation and publications exploring contemplative ways of knowing and how they speak to the contemporary academic study of mysticism. These days she’s a member of the GenX dharma teachers community, and she recently received a grant from the Hemera Foundation to write and podcast about what Tibetan teachings on reincarnation can teach us about living well.

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