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The new Microsoft tools provides the possibility of using large amount of data, but even more important, combine different data source into one dashboard. The ease of creating and maintaining these dashboards is awesome. By taking data-drive decisions as a spearhead, the business get opportunities to use data on scale what was never possible before.

This seminar will update you with the strategic side of moving towards this third revolution: the change towards data-driven decision based businesses. Using data-driven decision based business and -with it- data analytics will change the way you’re doing business. And thereby it changes organizations itself. If you want to know how to prepare yourself towards this revolution, you find the answers in this seminar. I discuss business cases of successful adoptions of Power BI and the way organizations adopt the tooling.

After this session you are able to create your own strategy to implement Power BI in your organization.Microsoft calls their Power BI tools Self-service Business Intelligence tools. This seminar will also give you the taste and the opportunity to start with data analytics yourself. We are going to build a analytics model in Power BI. You can either watch or do it yourself.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Manage organizations toward Data-driven organizations
  • Business Intelligence tooling, like Microsoft Power BI
  • Migrating reporting services towards Power BI

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to successfully apply Business Intelligence in your organization
  • Learn Power BI tools

Who Will Benefit

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • CIO
  • Managers, that want to know what (Power) BI can do in their business plans


Day 1 Schedule


Lecture 1: Modern Business Intelligence

  • Where are we heading for the next two days
  • Definitions
  • Self-service BI versus collective analytics
  • 5 Layer model

Lecture 2: Microsoft strategies

  • Focus Points
  • Power BI desktop or PowerBIcom versus Excel
  • Power Query and Power Pivot
  • All Power BI Apps

Lecture 3: In depth tables

  • Row and Column Contexts
  • Relations
  • Fact and Dimension Tables
  • Calculations or Filtering
  • Query and Table Contexts

Lecture 4: Design rules

  • One place for one type of action
  • Type of Tables
  • Types of Data Types
  • Measure Tables
  • Power Query Design Rules
  • Power Pivot Design Rules

Lecture 5: The power of Power Query

  • Demo or exercise: Power Query

Day 2 Schedule

Professional Business Intelligence

Lecture 6: Impact on your organization

  • 3 Levels of services: which serves your organizations best?
  • Business Roles
  • Introducing the Data Steward
  • Skills of the Data Steward
  • Mindsetting

Lecture 7: The power of Power Pivot

  • Demo or exercise: Power Pivot

Lecture 8: Cloud or on-prem

  • PowerBIcom Structure
  • Access and security in Power BI
  • Sharing in Power BI with AD groups

Lecture 9: Security in Power BI

  • Row Level Security
  • Table Security
  • Roles Security in Power BI Desktop
  • Demo or Exercise: Roles in Power BI Desktop
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Henk Vlootman 

Excel and Power BI specialist,

Henk Vlootman is consultant Excel and Power BI throughout the world. Since 2013 he annually received the Microsoft MVP award in the categories Excel and Data platform. He is author of Excel books "Excel Modellen voor financieel economische informatie." and "Excelleren, de Vlootman methode in de praktijk." With Michiel Rozema he wrote the "Praktijkboek PowerPivot in Excel." and "Handboek Power Pivot" .

Henk Vlootman is trainer and mentor In Excel or BI. In conferences he acts as chairman, provide keynotes and delivers substantive contributions to conferences and congresses and PreCon sessions. Henk writes a monthly blog for two Dutch financial e-magazines (Vakmedianet and Alex van Groningen). Henk is founder and chairman of the foundation of the Dutch Power BI User group, with in March 2018 organized the Dutch Power BI Saturday. This day was visited the by 450 members of the user group.

Henk Vlootman is founder and CEO of Quanto, Collective Analytics. Quanto is a specialist organization in implemented Power BI in medium and large organizations. He is a most wanted consultant in the Power BI world. Henk is 25 years working in technology. Being a trainer Excel he has had the opportunity to learn for the business. Most of his ideas about using to enhance work flow by using technology is based on the years of direct working in the field. He specialises in transforming the business towards data-driven business decision organizations.

Projects: Henk's experience is very broad. From small Excel projects, Power BI modelling to major SSAS / Power Pivot modelling.


Location: San Francisco
Hotel: will be announced soon