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Why you should attend

The purpose of this course is to familiarise the prospective consultants with all they need to know about setting up and running a consultancy business successfully. The interactive session starts by familiarising the trainees with pros and cons of freelancing

  • How to construct a vision of the business, conducting market research and developing a business plan
  • Detailed discussion about various business entities, type and structures
  • Avoiding costly mistakes before setting up the business
  • Income, tax, insurance and financial matters
  • Functioning as a business and day-to-day operations
  • Working with clients and becoming a successful business.

Who Will Benefit

This Course is Designed for Senior Scientists, Technologists and managers who may have spent their careers working in the public or private sector Organisations as Senior Employees. Although they may have Considerable knowledge and expertise in their field they may not have any background in working for themselves as consultants.


Day 1 Schedule

  • Pros and cons of working independently
  • Constructing a vision of the business
  • Conducting market research and developing a business plan
  • Detailed discussion about various business entities and key features of operating as a sole trader, limited company or partnership
  • Avoiding costly mistakes before setting up the business
  • Company registration with Companies House and Director's legal responsibilities
  • Bookkeeping, accountancy needs and basic concepts
  • Accountancy software and whether to use external accountants
  • Work environment; home office or external facility
  • Selecting a good business name and internet domain name registration
  • Setting up a website, business email, phone lines and IT needs
  • Marketing the business and finding work
  • Consultancy compensation model, contracts and fees
  • Consultants business ethics
  • Building and maintaining business reputation
  • Time allocation and management
  • Banking and finances
  • Taxation and VAT registration
  • Professional indemnity insurance (PII)
  • Day-to-day administration of the business, procedures, protocols and forms
  • Client satisfaction and maintaining trust
  • Continuous professional development (CPD)
  • Networking and support for consultants

Day 2 Schedule

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Dr. Hooshang Zavareh 

Founder and Managing Director,
ChemPharmaServe Ltd

Dr. Hooshang Zavareh is the founder and managing director of ChemPharmaServe Ltd, a consultancy company he set up in Cambridge in 2004 to support the life since sector. He has 38 years’ experience in chemical synthesis, process development and manufacture of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. His career includes R&D and management positions at Dow Chemical in the UK and USA, Chiroscience, Celltech and Amedis Pharmaceuticals.

Hooshang gained his MSc and PhD from Sheffield University and subsequently carried out postdoctoral research at Sheffield and University College London. He is a co-inventor of 20 patents, co-author of 25 peer-reviewed papers and a range of articles. By going beyond the conventional consultancy model his current work at ChemPharmaServe is focused on solving research and development problems in order to facilitate biopharmaceutical companies to fast track their drug discovery projects.

He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and frequently provides mentorship and support to people at turning points in their careers. In addition, he is offering a comprehensive and structured training course to people with scientific, technical or management background who want to work independently.


Location: London, UK
Hotel: London Hilton on Park Lane