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Anthony Jones

Senior Executive, Global Pharmaceutical Organizations

Anthony Jones works in the healthcare industry having been a research scientist, a data scientist, a VP in a small tech start-up and a senior executive in global pharmaceutical organizations. He has lived and worked in the UK, France, Canada and the USA. His persistent interests have been learning and learning how to learn/teach; improving impact; learning how to be resilient, and how to adapt and thrive in all circumstances.

Tony has studied these topics not only through professional experiences but through language learning (French and Mandarin), martial arts (Shukokai karate), music (guitarist with several almost-made-its), and in all aspects of life. He has published over 20 articles and book chapters and given over 30 conference presentations, including training courses on professional development and systems thinking. With a wide view into many different companies he sees people everywhere struggling with similar challenges, often submerged in busyness and unable to find a path forward to fulfillment and better outcomes.

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