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Robi Bendorf

Consultant and Trainer, Bendorf & Associates

Robi Bendorf, CPSM, C.P.M., M.ED, has over 40 years of purchasing and sales experience, involving domestic and international activities for a broad range of manufacturing and service businesses. As President of Bendorf & Associates, he has extensive experience in consulting & training in purchasing, contracts, reengineering the supply management process, the management of procurement functions, global sourcing of materials and components, reducing the cost of purchased materials, equipment, and services, and negotiation of complex transactions and contracts. He has given presentations on numerous purchasing and contract management topics for the "Institute for Supply Management (I.S.M.)," major universities, and numerous in-house seminars for industrial & services clients in the U.S. and over 200 public seminars internationally. He is the contributor of articles published in Purchasing Today and Inside Supply Management. Robi was selected as I.S.M.'s National Person of the Year in both Global Resources and Education/Learning. Robi has an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas, and a Masters Degree from Penn State University. His energetic and enthusiastic style, combined with extensive functional experience, makes him an excellent consultant, trainer, and facilitator of change.

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