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Roya Camille Keyan

CEO and Founder of HR Advisory Group Ltd,

Roya Camille Keyan is the CEO and Founder of HR Advisory Group Ltd in Dallas, Texas, and has been researching, training, developing, and presenting courses on the complex topic of Sexual Harassment to companies of all sizes and types for more than twenty years. She has worked and counseled targets of harassment as well as those who have been accused of harassment.

Her extensive work in the legal compliance and human resources fields, as well as in psychological services make for a unique background in evaluating and assessing the complex individual and organizational dynamics and issues that are at play in these cases.

As a result, she has developed a keen insight and perspective through her work that includes astute observational skills, practical clinical evidence, applying thorough investigative techniques, and through the careful analysis of the impact of harassment on individuals, families and careers, as well as the impact of harassment on companies and their workforce.

She strongly advocates that the most effective way of preventing harassment is through a positive, respectful, and civil workplace culture and strategic and proactive steps that companies can implement beginning with the hiring process to avoid bringing harassers into the organization.

She offers proven tips and strategies to help protect your company and your workforce from harassment and claims and how to deal with allegations and claims in the most effective way possible.

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