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Robert Paris

Management Trainer , Myelin Leadership International

Robert Paris,B.Comm., M.B.A., CSP is a management trainer, coach and consultant who focuses on helping 1. Organizations attract, retain and increase the productivity of their human resources and 2. Individuals reach their maximum potential. Robert’s specific areas of expertise include assisting managers and non-supervisory employees develop essential leadership and coaching skills; helping organizations achieve their business objectives by developing a culture that supports and encourages bottom line - oriented innovation initiatives; and coaching managers at all levels to improve their abilities to perform at higher levels. Robert is recognized as a pioneer in applying fundamental principles of neuroscience to management, leadership and coaching.

He has a Certificate in the Foundations of Neuroleadership which applies emerging knowledge of the brain to leadership development, with a focus on coaching managers to excel in the workplace. He has recently developed ground-breaking programs in leadership, coaching, team-building and innovation that incorporate new neuro- insights - to awaken more of the brain’s resources that enable people to expand perspectives, talk more authentically and create rare moments of insight – with remarkable results.

Robert is a pioneer in helping Presidents, Executives and middle managers understand how their brains function and how this knowledge might be holding them back from reaching personal development and career objectives. Emotionally-related thoughts are processed subconsciously in the brain and dominate thinking patterns. Using non-threatening, modern tools, Robert helps individuals become aware of these self-limiting thoughts as a key first step in the coaching process. This is followed by proven ‘brain-friendly’ techniques that help managers build new brain wiring that reinforces desired behaviors.

Robert’s leadership development and coaching practices have resulted in helping individual managers and management teams accomplish their personal and business objectives in the entertainment, high technology, information services, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, retail, non-profit, transportation and logistics and mining industries. Robert designed and facilitated the original global leadership training program (supported by individual coaching) for the renowned Cirque du Soleil.

Education and Credentials B.Comm program with Great Distinction, McGill University Honours M.B.A program, University of Toronto He has been a lecturer at the McGill Centre of Continued Studies and the John Molson School of Business Executive Center Certified in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership

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