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Learn practical tips to manage the stress of working remotely and make it work for you and your employees. Harness the positive aspects of stress so you and your employees can thrive under stress rather than be debilitated by it. Learn practical tips to deal with anxiety and stress, especially in these challenging times of Covid-19. 

Having a healthy relationship with coworkers, employees, employers, and clients is more important than ever in remote work situations. 

All levels of the corporate structure can benefit from having a positive mindset to handle challenges and stress effectively. improve communication, stay productive and organized, and stay resilient during these challenging times.

Consider this webinar as an Emotion Tune-Up for the workplace. Learn practical ways to limit negative stress that leads to burnout. Learn to manage anxiety to stay productive and creative. 

Especially in these challenging times, staying stress-resilient and stress-hard is more important than ever. Learn the 5 C's of Stress Hardiness, which can help you both on the job and in life.
There will be some experiential exercises that can help put learning into action!

Why you should Attend

These times of Covid-19 are challenging for both personal and professional life. Learning practical tips to combat stress and anxiety, and avoiding burnout, is more important than ever. Essential workplace wellness skills will offer the keys to thriving under stress and increase productivity, positivity, and engagement even if you work remotely. 

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Identify the challenges and opportunities of remote working
  • Embrace stress. Learn to manage stress - instead of carrying it! 
  • Learn how to stay positive no matter what with learning skills to improve your mindset
  • Stay productive and organized using SMART goals
  • Learn the 5 C's of resilience 
  • Learn assertive communication skills to communicate with tact to stay connected
  • Learn self-care and mindfulness techniques to achieve a work-life balance

Who Will Benefit

  • People from all levels in the workplace can improve their emotional intelligence on the job!

Speaker Profile

Judith Belmont is a mental health author, trainer and motivational speaker on a variety of personal, emotional and workplace wellness topics. After 40 years of working as a psychotherapist, she now offers mental health coaching via phone and Skype. She has taught Psychology at various colleges, worked in various therapeutic settings, including private practice, and has led many interactive presentations and keynotes to various companies, organizations and conferences.

She is the author of 7 mental health and wellness books and two Emotional Wellness Card Decks with three publishers: WW Norton, New Harbinger and PESI. Her books are in the field of self-help and personal development, with most of them offering therapists and trainers interactive psycho-educational activities to teach clients emotional intelligence and life skills for emotional wellness. Her books offer practical tips and activities to improve life skills such as healthy thinking skills, effective communication, improving empathy, managing stress, developing resilience, avoiding burnout and overcoming adversity.

The activities, handouts and tips in her books reflect the teachings of modern psychological techniques, including the popular orientations of Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavior Psychology. Judith has an MS in Clinical Psychology from Hahnemann Medical College, and holds a BS in Psychology from University of Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Naples, Fl. Her website is www.belmontwellness.com