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You've likely experienced the challenge to think of your time in terms of money. More specifically, if you've ever gone to a time management training course, you have probably been told that you have 86,400 seconds in a day and each of them is worth something. A value is affixed to each second, and you are asked to spend that time doing something based on the perceived value of it. In this time management session, you'll find a similar consideration.

Time has to be valued. Knowing what your time is worth is the first step in managing it more effectively. When an individual doesn’t know what their time is worth, they are likely to waste much of it on tasks that have little significance.  Or they will allow other people to manipulate and take advantage of their time.  Consider the boss who keeps asking an employee to work overtime multiple times a week, and ultimately, multiple times per month.

Because of that boss’ poor planning and the employee’s inability to refuse their boss' untimely requests, the employee loses a lot of time. Additional planned tasks by the employee cannot be completed, and even personal activities that matter languish because work is usurping the individual’s private time. Perhaps it’s a coworker who is dragging their feet on completing their part of a project which, in turn, slows down a team member’s ability to get their portion done.  In this session, participants will learn how to value their time more, and then help other’s to respect it as well. They will be able to identify those items that are time busters and recognize how to avoid them.

They will learn how to say no effectively to everyone including their boss without regret. And finally, they’ll learn of the negative impact stress has on the individual who feels overwhelmed and anxious about a calendar that never seems to be cleared of tasks and events. By the end of this session, participants will learn how to take their calendars and clocks off a collision course so that both are managed efficiently. The ultimate goal is to provide essential and tangible help in using time more wisely.

Why you should Attend

Anyone who feels overwhelmed by the amount of work that seems to never stop filling their to-do list would benefit from this topic. A lack of skill in managing the limited time afforded every individual can lead to a schedule that can easily spin out of control. Since every person gets the same 24 hours to complete tasks, how one person handles that time versus another is purely a matter of discipline and organization.

The disorganized person is more likely to take on too much and end up stressing themselves trying to get it all done. Knowing when to say yes, and more importantly, how to say no without regret or explanation are a must in protecting one’s time. Moreover, tips on how to beware those activities that can be time wasters are extremely valuable. Busy people don’t often have the time to weigh what they’re doing against what they should be doing that matters. Furthermore, they don’t always identify what’s eating away their time that has no real worth. This session helps everyone struggling to manage their time to be more thoughtful about what they do with it, and even how they allow others to have pieces of it.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Calculating the value of time
  • Identifying the "Top Five Time Thieves"
  • Three tools to use for better time management

Who Will Benefit

  • Any person who struggles with time management issues

Speaker Profile

Betty Parker is a business owner, professional speaker, author, and trainer. She is a communications expert with more than 30 years’ experience presenting to audiences including work in radio after earning a degree in broadcast journalism from Louisiana State University (LSU). Betty began her career as sales professional and trainer in 1998 in the biotech industry. She started Sharper Development Solutions, Inc., a training and development company, in 2006.

Betty has educated thousands of leaders and staff across the country in a variety of performance areas. As a leadership consultant, she specializes in the following topics: communications, teamwork, diversity and inclusion, conflict management, coaching and mentoring, and strategic planning. She is an often sought out speaker for conferences and events. She is at work on her next book, Crushing Goliath: Winning Practices in Slaying BIG People Problems. She is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) through the Association for Talent Development, a Certified Professional Coach, and an Authorized Partner with Wiley Publishing, the makers of Everything DiSC products. She is also a wife, mom and avid football fan.