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Managing suppliers is not a single process for a single function, such as Purchasing or Quality.

Using the data and information within your organization from the purchasing databases to the operations and quality systems, can provide insights into how you spend but also with whom you spend your money and just as important - your time and resources. 

By categorizing and segmenting suppliers into meaningful categories, an organization can allocate and prioritize resources and time to those suppliers with the greatest risk or impact to operations.Categorizing suppliers beyond their approval level on your Approved Suppliers List (ASL).  Factors such as criticality of the part, process, or service and single or sole source are just a few categories to aid in the overall supplier management process.

This webinar will explore some approaches to categorizing and segmenting suppliers as a means of gaining insights in to your supply base related to risk and opportunities for improvement, internally and with suppliers.

Why you should Attend

Supply chains are growing and resources, budgets, staff and time, are shrinking.  

  • How do you do more with no more or less?  
  • Do you find you are spending a lot of time on a few suppliers?
  • How critical or important are those suppliers to your organization?

The number of suppliers an organization is working with is expanding at a fast pace.  Managing suppliers can be overwhelming as resources, personnel, time, and budgets, are limited.  

Categorizing and segmenting suppliers can provide insight into the impact suppliers can have on the organization; opportunities to mitigate and management supply chainrisk as well as its ability to ensure a smooth flow of supply.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Spend analysis: the benefits in categorizing suppliers
  • Approaches to segmenting/categorizing suppliers
  • Benefits in supplier categorizing/segmenting in risk mitigation

Who Will Benefit

Anyone engaging and interacting with suppliers:

  • Supplier Quality Engineer  
  • Supplier Quality Manager
  • Purchasing Agent/Buyer
  • Commodity Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Quality Manager etc.

Speaker Profile

Daniella Picciotti has over 25 years of experience in Supplier Quality Management across an array of industries include aerospace, medical device, and nuclear energy. Currently, Daniella is the principle at QMS Alliance (a quality management systems consultant), is a certified lead ISO9001 auditor, and an instructor for the American Society of Quality (ASQ) providing instruction on supplier life cycle management, supplier risk management and supplier audits. She holds three ASQ certifications: Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence and Certified Supplier Quality Professional.