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Red flags of common mistakes/omissions That can render your safety program completely useless. Opening your company up for very expensive citations and possible litigation.

Why you should Attend

Most employers and supervisors are not confident their current safety program will pass an OSHA audit in the event of a serious injury. You are gambling on the possibility of thousands of dollars in citations. California citation is $18,000 per citation.

Other states around $14,000 per citation. To tune up your program usually costs less then $1,000. Is this worth the gamble?
Most workers compensation carriers are willing to more then cover the expense of having a well-run program.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • First Aid, What is it ?
  • What your Safety Program should look like
  • How OSHA defines proactive
  • OSHA 300 Form ?
  • Documentation OSHA wants to see regarding reporting injuries or illnesses. Safety meetings that are not worth the paper they are written on
  • Enforcement that will be rejected
  • Review of a well-run safety program and the reasoning behind each request for documentation from OSHA.

Who Will Benefit

  • Manufactures
  • Service Providers
  • Food Processors
  • Agriculture
  • Metal and Wood Shops etc.

Speaker Profile

Gary Heppner 30 years an independent Insurance broker in California, writing a large book of workers compensation and other lines of insurance. Been providing assistance with over 23+ OSHA Consultative visit from OSHA during the last 19 years.

Speaking on Webinars Monthly to all 50-states for the last 1.5 years. Held 1-hour webinar to equipment rental agencies in North America. Featured one month in Equipment rental agencies monthly magazine. Conducted over 100 + "OSHA Mock OSHA Audits" for clients to determine compliance